OFDRYKKJA: TO RELEASE "Gryningsvisor."

Revered Swedish experimental black-metal band OFDRYKKJA has returned from the bleak abyss to release their […]
October 18, 2019

Revered Swedish experimental black-metal band OFDRYKKJA has returned from the bleak abyss to release their third full-length album, Gryningsvisor, on November 29th with AOP Records. Formed eight years ago out of necessity to cope with agonizing depression, debilitating addiction and endless pain, OFDRYKKJA has seen the light amongst the darkness for their latest record, which translates to "Ballads At Dawn." After years of self-inflicted turmoil and suffering, the trio has found solace in healing and self-reflection which is heard on their latest evolution, Gryningsvisor.

Today, the band has unveiled the record's first new track, "The Swan," which can be heard now athttps://HeavyBlogIsHeavy.com: https://bit.ly/2MVeika

Commenting on the track, vocalist/gutiarist Drabbad says, "This song symbolizes many different things for me. It symbolizes beauty and sorrow, life and death. Ever since I was born, I have always felt lonely, that I don't belong in this world. I have also always appreciated the immense beauty that can be found in melancholy. When I wrote this song I was heavily influenced and fascinated by the ancient belief that swans sing only once, a beautiful song, just before they die. I myself have been lost most of my life, I haven't had much to say. This song represents change to me. I have grown a lot since I wrote this song. I let my old self die, so I could be reborn. In a way, this is my swan song."


AOP Records (EU-Shop)https://shop.aoprecords.de
AOP Records (US-Shop)https://www.indiemerchstore.com/b/aop-records

Eight years ago, three darkness consumed men seeked to ventilate their seemingly endless struggle through addiction and mental illness conjured their first album "A life worth losing". Drabbad was gunned down by police and spent a three year prison sentence, with most of the songs on their second album written from within the prison walls. Having hit rock bottom, the band sought a way out of that dark wilderness, releasing "Irrfärd" (which translates to 'Aimless journey'). Following the release the band went their separate ways to pursue personal journeys that eventually led them to find peace in sobriety and awakening purpose, and ultimately to their forthcoming record, Gryningsvisor.

Drabbad adds, "Ofdrykkja has always been an instrument of therapy for us, and therapy exists to help one evolve. It would serve us no purpose to walk in old footsteps, and neither would it be authentic to force it. We hope you appreciate our evolution, both personal and musical."


Drabbad - Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic guitars, Electronics, Bass, Drums
Ahlström - Backing vocals, Guitars, Bass, Acoustic guitars, Electronics, Celtic lyre, Violin
Pessimisten - Vocals, Horn on Herr Mannelig

Guest musicians:

Miranda Samuelsson - Vocals
Nylonwings - Acoustic guitars and digital cello arrangements


This album was recorded in Studio Cave by Pontus Ekwall and in home studio between January 2018 and August 2019. Mixed & Mastered by Ahlström. All artworks included were painted by Alessia Brusco and digitally edited by Drabbad.

Gryningsvisor Track Listing:

The swan
Swallowed by the night
In i natten
As the northern wind cries
Herr mannelig
Våra Minnenas klagosång

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