ODIUM: Posts Teaser "Displacement Of Hope" | Album "Terraform" Coming October 23rd

Odium has been operating out of Hanover, Ontario producing dark, yet melodic metal layered with […]
October 13, 2015

Odium has been operating out of Hanover, Ontario producing dark, yet melodic metal layered with fast-paced gruff bellows, resonating vocals, and pounding instrumentals for nearly a decade. After releasing an EP, two full-length records plus a line up change, the band is gearing up for their third album 'Terraform' due out on October 23, 2015 and before its release they have posted a new teaser for their track 'Displacement of Hope' at the following link:

Odium is also offering fans a FREE DOWNLOAD of their latest single 'Return To Form' at the following link: https://odium1.bandcamp.com/track/return-to-form

Album Pre-Order (Available Oct 2)- https://www.kt8merch.com/store/pages/18414/Odium.htm

Upcoming Show Dates:

Nov 20 - Richmond Tavern - London, ON - Event info here
Nov 21 - Rockpile West - Toronto, ON

Track Listing: Odium - Terraform:

1. Odyssey (2:26)
2. Feral Inversion (5:04)
3. Centipedes (3:43)
4. Return To Form (4:26)
5. Delusion (4:18)
6. Dead (4:16)
7. Failure II (4:17)
8. Obsolete (4:46)
9. The Cell (4:48)
10. Redemption (3:48)
11. Displacement Of Hope (6:00)

Album Length: 47:57


Odium's goal is to write heavy and melodic music, while constantly developing their style from album to album. The instrumentals lend their tone and energy to invite more versatility in the vocals in each song. Their passion for performing live and incredible stage energy has allowed them to open for Alexisonfire, The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Divinity, Moneen, and Fuck the Facts.

The lyrics invite listeners to take a journey through despair, while the bass and drums drive the rhythm, the guitars straddle the line between pure aggression and melodic riffs. For Odium there has always been a pattern of evolution over the past few years that allows them to continuously create multi-genre influenced music. The band is comprised of Joe Mullen, Jake Fortney, Andrew Fullerton, Bo Louther, Marc Dobson, who have come from various bands such as Archaea/Willfall.
The bands name is defined as 'disgraceful hate' however after the past 10 years they have come to see the band name relating directly to perseverance. Odium has a foundation of trust which creates a bond likened to that of a brotherhood. The dedication and teamwork within the band is based on respect, and because the internal bond is so strong they are able to create a meaningful connection with fans.

"Standouts like the album's opening title track pit detuned, jud-judding six-strings and double-kick drum rhythms with singer Thomas Emmans's varied vocal styles, which run from Maynard James Keenan-styled creep-crooning to esophagus-annihilating screams." - Exclaim!
"Loud and fast but also melodic and complex, fan of acts like Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God will not be disappointed." - London Metro News

"Odium are very good at what they do, namely melodic Death Metal. This Canadian quintet have a lot going for them...competent and execute the form very well... There are some nice orchestrated atmospheric moments such as at the beginning of 'Insomina'" - Metal-Rules.com

"Odium posses very distinctive and strong melodic leanings, catchy riffing and undeniable prowess on the performing front - especially with the clean/growl vocal trade-off and the tight rhythm section....cuts like the thrashy "Viral By Nature", "Within the Distraction" and the title track, perfectly blend with the more expansive sound of "No Way Out" and the melancholic quasi-ballad "The Descent" among others to deliver a decently solid piece of modern Metal. "
- PureGrainAudio.com

"The thing with a band like Odium is that they know how to walk that line between full on heavy, thrashed out metal and melody. It's definitely their style, but they only seem to turn it on where it's necessary, and that speaks to a much wider audience." - Juliette Jagger - AlanCross.ca

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