NORDIC NOISE 2020: The world's first 2-day live-stream Heavy Rock Festival is well over

- 8 bands, 2 venues, 2 days in Denmark on the 8th and 9th of […]
May 11, 2020

- 8 bands, 2 venues, 2 days in Denmark on the 8th and 9th of May.

- 3700 € in donations. Thank you! The money is shared equally between the 8 bands, I'll Be Damned, Black Oak County, Justify Rebellion, Freddy And The Phantoms, Chronicle, Boys From Heaven, Anoxia & Killing.

- 450,000 viewers worldwide.

- One venue in Jutland (Black Box Live in Videbæk) and one in Zealand (Karosserifabrikken in Helsingør).

- International media collaboration with Bravewords (USA/CAN), Deaf Forever (DE), Rock Hard Italy (IT), Rock Hard Greece (GR) / Metal Hammer Portugal (PT), United rock Nations (FR), Demon Reports (SB), Arrow Lords Of Metal (HL), Gaffa Denmark (DK), Gaffa Sverige (SE), Gaffa Norge (NO), All Abou The Rock (UK) & Kaaoszine (FI).

"One and a half week of intense work is now over. The idea for Nordic Noise 2020: Streaming For Vengeance arose on Wednesday the 29th of April and today we are ending the world's first 2-day heavy rock live-stream festival. Thank you very much for the enormous support. This has been a blast. Nordic Noise will return next year. Hopefully as a real live event with thousands of people enjoying rock and heavy metal together", says Nordic Noise spokesman Michael H. Andersen.

Rewatch the videos directly at this location.

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