NORDAVIND RECORDS: Offers Catalog As "Pay What You Want" Download On Bandcamp

Nordavind Records has made their releases available as a pay what you want download on […]
November 20, 2014

Nordavind Records has made their releases available as a pay what you want download on their Bandcamp.

So far, the 9-month-old record label has released the sophomore album by Bergen-based melodic black metal unit VINTERBRIS, which features exclusive artwork from Norwegian cartoonist Kim Holm, and the debut full-length from Finland's atmospheric / post-black metallers ATRUM TEMPESTAS, a duo consisting of Kylmäaho and Perttunen (CATAMENIA).

Nordavind's co-founder Joel Costa comments on this decision: "These 9 months of activity were beyond great and we already have plans to make of 2015 an even greater year, so we decided to give the opportunity to the ones who haven't listened to any of our releases to download our catalog and keep it under their radar. This is also great for the ones who couldn't buy it before and can do it now for an ammount that fits their budget or even for free if they desire."

But the newcomers are not the only ones to be reminded by Nordavind, as Joel explains: "Of course we also thought about what we can do for the ones who have been supporting the Nordavind Records' family since the beginning and we'll send a download-code to everyone who has bought something from us on Bandcamp before so our supporters can download our next release for free."

Download ATRUM TEMPESTAS "Néant" here:

Download VINTERBRIS "Solace" here:

This offer will be active until December 31st.

Nordavind Records
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