None Dare Call It Conspiracy have signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for their album […]
June 19, 2018

None Dare Call It Conspiracy have signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for their album "Pawns And Kings"! The album will be released on 29 June 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard in all digital stores worldwide.

Band Statement:

"We are proud to finally be able to release the long coming second album Pawns and kings in collaboration with WormHoleDeath this year.
The making of the album was a long journey stacked with countless step backs but like we have done in the past we overcame all of it and here we finally are with an album that we can stand behind and label that will drive us forward to a new level as a band. The future of None Dare Call It Conspiracy looks promising so stay tuned cause you'll be hearing from us."


01. Kingmaker
02. Dust
03. Nevermore
04. Mirrors
05. Sheep Counting
06. Rise
07. The Shaming
08. Pawns and Kings
09. Sightlines
10. Pain
11. Sacrifice

King Maker Official Music Video:

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Founded in 2005 by Toni Toikkanen (bass) and Jani Elokoski (guitar), N.D.C.I.C. began practicing in the Vuosaari youth house and soon had a complete line up. William Torrey (vocals), Seppo Kallioinen (drums), and Juha-Matti Paussu (solo) stepped into their roles as original members, and many shows were played. The band quickly found themselves as an East- Helsinki favorite, and started to think beyond their current situation. It wasn't long until the band met and befriended drummer/producer Tonmi Lillman (Ajattara, kylähullut, sinergy, to/die/for,lordi)), and began working with him in the studio. Under his direction, they grew into their sound, taking the raw ingredients they already had and turning it into the fully grown style they have today. And when personal and musical differences led to the departure of Kallioinen, Lillman stepped into that slot as well. Work on Tales of the Lost began in January 2009 in D-Studio, but quickly ran into trouble. Major financial issues reared their head, and the band found themselves partway through yet deeply in debt. Slowly, they raised the capital needed, and completed the album late in 2011. Everything seemed to be on track once more, when in February 2012 tragedy struck. Tonmi Lillman was found dead in his apartment in Helsinki , and the band took his loss hard. It was several months before they even considered who might step into the very large shoes left by Tonmi, but one thing was sure: his final album WOULD be released. 2012 saw a renewed energy fill the band, as Tuomas Mäkelä was brought in on drums. Almost everything seemed to be moving ahead well, but personal issues were intruding on things once again. When it became clear that these issues were not solvable, the band regretfully parted ways with Juha-Matti Paussu, and Johannes Oravainen stepped in on lead guitar. Following the release of 2013s Tales of the Lost NDCIC forged ahead once more, performing shows across finland while beginning to write new material for the inevitable follow up album. During this writing process it became appearant that the band had once again begun to grow stylistically, leaving behind much of the symphonic backround present in TotL and embracing a more agressive sound. Tuomas was replaced by Petri Jokisalo and the writing process continued, riff by riff and line by line. The band began recording what would become Pawns and Kings in early 2015. The new style had been refined and polished and all was going well. But Petri was slowly coming to the realisation that he was not interested anymore. That summer he decided to leave to focus on another project and Ville Holmström replaced him on drums. In 2018, talks began with record label Wormhole Death for the release of the new album. A deal was signed, and it was agreed that summer of that year would mark the bands first official release. Since then we have been training, polishing, preparing. Pawns and Kings is ready for release, and we are ready to release it. Are you ready?

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