NOCTURNAL POISONING Releases New Song on Pitchfork, Album Out October 7th

MEDIA ALERT New York, NY (August 18, 2014) -Widely known as a pioneer within the […]
August 19, 2014

MEDIA ALERT New York, NY (August 18, 2014) -Widely known as a pioneer within the often isolated world of black metal, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Scott Conner has forged ahead to once again reshape what the music community may come to expect from him with Nocturnal Poisoning's third full-length album ' Doomgrass. Today Pitchfork gives us an early listen in the track "Illusion Of Worth".


"His [Scott Conner] stated reference points in bluegrass and country show up in the rhythmic finger-picked guitars and bluesy melodies, and vocalist Robert N. adds some dark Americana in his rough-hewn lines. It's a strange ride, but one that anyone who's spent time exploring the crossroads between country music and heavy metal will enjoy. "Illusion of Worth" is a somber acoustic ballad whose dusky tones bring to mind a gently countrified Steve Von Till." - Pitchfork

Scheduled for release on October 7 via The End Records, Doomgrass is a distinctive, demanding, and altogether rewarding listening experience, one that finds Conner using country and bluegrass guitar playing techniques as well as American folk music weaving dark yet melodious arrangements that are dissonant and melancholic.

Rhythms of finger-picked guitars layered upon each other ebb and flow throughout creating a stirring and galvanic atmosphere, while the vocals are delivered by Robert N. in a bluesy, chant-like style, gritty but clean, adding yet another layer to Nocturnal Poisoning's unconventional sound.

"I think Doomgrass is probably the most fearless record I've done," says Conner. "I think a lot of the 'melancholic and ethereal' elements have taken a backseat and more of a country, western, murky side is coming out in the music more, with a touch of doom, of course. I can learn and change as I go along with Nocturnal Poisoning; and this new album is an indication of that. Third time's the charm and I think I have the hang of what I want to do now more than ever and how to get the results."

As the creative force and sole member of Xasthur, the highly influential black metal project that Conner launched back in 1996, while never playing a single show, he went on to release a total of eight studio albums before dissolving the Xasthur project in 2010 to afford him the time to pursue more challenging musical endeavors, namely Nocturnal Poisoning (a name taken from Xasthur's first official album released in 2002).

The End Records
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