"The entire new album of Nocrul - The Darkness Of Mankind - is now available […]
January 19, 2015

"The entire new album of Nocrul - The Darkness Of Mankind - is now available on Bandcamp! 6 black metal songs at its finest + cover song of Samael's Crown! Follow us on Facebook!"


In 2012 Khrul realised the he had some riffs/songs that were not compatible with his existingprojects Assur, Funebre and Shadowthrone.Khrul was still in contact with Noctis - they were members together in Ater Tenebrae - so he sent thesesongs to him, because they could work together well in the past.Noctis was very impressed so they started to work on it.

Recordings: D.I.Y. by Khrul.

Nocrul is a studio band at the moment, because Khrul lives in London, and Noctis lives inBudapest.Nocrul isn't looking for a label.Nocrul aims to create the finest black metal songs in a simple but not primitive way, on the bestpossible levels of their own.

The Four Riders Of The Apocalypse

First material in 2013. Solos by Akos Olt from the band Kill With Hate, as a guest.

The Darkness Of Mankind

Second material in 2014 - released in 2015.

Main difference between the 1st and the 2nd material: 1st one was based on one guitar, the2nd one was written for two guitars.

Lyrics are based on Warhammer 40K universum - VIII. Legion of Spacemarines.

Khrul: music
Noctis: vocal

Thomas Kyron
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