NIGHTWISH: Receive 3 Awards from Nuclear Blast

After their last show on the first part of the "Imaginaerum" tour, in Stuttgart ' […]
By Zarto
May 15, 2012

After their last show on the first part of the "Imaginaerum" tour, in Stuttgart ' NIGHTWISH received 3 awards from their label Nuclear Blast:

"Imaginaerum" ' Gold Award (for more than 100.000 sold copies in Germany)
"Dark Passion Play" ' Platinum Award (for more than 200.000 sold copies in Germany)
"Once" Triple Gold Award (for more than 300.000 sold copies in Germany)

"These 3 awards from "Once", "Dark Passion Play" and "Imaginaerum" represent the purity of our music making, loyalty of the fans, and hard work & trust from the record label and management. We are deeply touched and grateful, and will continue to tread the chosen path with you all", so the statement from Tuomas Holopainen.

"NIGHTWISH rightfully stand at the very top of the winner's podium, brave every trend with their music and go ahead with their style consistently with much blood, sweat and tears. Each and every NIGHTWISH album is a masterpiece and the awards substantiate that the fans acknowledge and honour the band's class and sincerity. We're very proud that we've been able to make our contribution to their success and are looking forward a lot to our shared future", states Andy Siry ' head of A&R and label manager of Nuclear Blast.

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