NIGHTINGALE to release new album "Retribution"

Sweden's NIGHTINGALE are back in the spotlight with their long overdue 7th studio album. Entitled […]
October 10, 2014

Sweden's NIGHTINGALE are back in the spotlight with their long overdue 7th studio album.
Entitled "Retribution", the follow-up to 2007's acclaimed "White Darkness", will be released via the band's new worldwide label InsideOutMusic as of November 10th, 2014.

NIGHTINGALE was established by musical multi-talent and producer Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity / Witherscape) almost 20 years ago and in the good tradition of the band, which is completed by Dan's brother Dag Swanö (guitars, keyboards), Erik Oskarsson (bass) and Tom Björn (drums), the new album once again showcases a fabulous and timeless hybrid of different musical styles: From atmospheric metal to catchy AOR and also melodic prog, "Retribution" offers an amazingly broad variety of moods and always tuneful songwriting skills.

Dan Swanö, who contributes vocals, guitars and keyboards to the fold, commented as follows on "Retribution":

"We started putting material together for this album already around 2008, but out of all those songs only 2 made it to the album. I felt that, unless it is the best possible NIGHTINGALE album, where every song on the album easily could replace any song from our previous albums, there was no point in making a new album at all.

During the writing of the Witherscape debut album, I wrote a lot of stuff that would work better on a NIGHTINGALE album, and before I knew it, I had the skeleton for a lot of potentially awesome NIGHTINGALE songs! It was important that the new material had the vibe of the older albums, yet with a better production and performance.

I am very confident that all the NIGHTINGALE fans will love "Retribution" since I made sure I felt the same rush inside me when I listened to the tracks that I did upon listening to the finished version of our most famous tracks from the past!"

Here is the album's complete tracklisting:

NIGHTINGALE ' "Retribution"
1. On Stolen Wings
2. Lucifer's Lament
3. Chasing The Storm Away
4. Warriors Of The Dawn
5. Forevermore
6. Divided I Fall
7. The Voyage Of Endurance
8. 27 (Curse Or Coincidence?)
9. The Maze
10. Echoes Of A Dream

NIGHTINGALE's "Retribution" features artwork from courtesy of Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore, Katatonia, etc.) and should equally appeal to open-minded fans of bands like Rush, Marillion, Styx, Kansas, The Mission, Queensryche, Enchant, Threshold, Arena or even Opeth and Katatonia.

Here are some remarks about NIGHTINGALE and "Retribution" by other musicians:

"Wow... Nightingale managed to write and record some catchy tunes here! The production is great as expected. Love the synth. And of course... that voice...Seems like Dan is only getting better with the years!"
' Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon)

"As far as I'm concerned Dan Swanö is one of my earliest mentors. He's one of the most musical persons I know and has taught me a lot, especially when we were working together. Been following Nightingale with interest. His evolution as a vocalist and songwriter has really come to life in this band more than in any of his other projects. My favorite traveling music together with The Who...And he doesn't even know this!
Very excited about this new Nightingale opus!"
' Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth)

"This is Dan Swanö and co. at their most heartfelt, melodic and passionate. A new classic!"
' Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity)

More details and first music samples off "Retribution" will be released as of next week...

Dan Swanö ' vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dag Swanö ' bass, guitars, keyboards
Erik Oskarsson ' bass
Tom Björn ' drums

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