NERACRUZ: New Album "Neracruz"

The concept NERACRUZ first came to light in London way back in 95' thanks to […]
October 11, 2014

The concept NERACRUZ first came to light in London way back in 95' thanks to singer and band founder Raphael Cruz.

Leaving Italy , his place of birth at the age of fifteen to resettle in London , Raff begins to grow musically, playing in various bands of medium importance as well as being invited to participate on various projects of the time such as Sig Sig Sputnik e Underneath What. Later he decided to return home, bringing with him Band co-founder and English four stringed collaborator, Steve Pons. They were soon joined by Glam Rock Drummer Stefano Lucchese and Keyboard Player Marco Mazzesi who added his mix of analogue keyboards and metallic samples. The attention soon moves to Guitarist Kevin Fisher, experienced in the London Heavy Metal/thrash scene and perfect ingredient for the vision that is NERACRUZ. Two Brits, two Italians, and one who incorporates both cultures; Neracruz unites five personalities with completely different musical and cultural backgrounds with one thing in common, the music. Rock, metal, new wave, techno, gothic, all this in one unique formula: NERACRUZ

At the beginning of 2013 and after a frenzy of songwriting the band signed a Recording Deal with Valery Records. The band were soon in the Studio recording the Album "NERACRUZ" with Producer Nicolo' Fragile (Gotthard, Mina, Vasco Rossi) and Mixed by Marco Trentacoste (lacuna Coil, Le Vibrazione, Rezophonic).

The new album by Neracruz "Neracruz" has been released on September the 29th, 2014 by Valery Records, distribution by Audioglobe and available on Itunes .

Valery Records
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