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New albums from very good Russian bands: BROKDAR "In Fetters Glacial" In the end of […]
February 5, 2015

New albums from very good Russian bands:

BROKDAR "In Fetters Glacial"

In the end of 2014 Moscow label FONO released debut album from BROKDAR "In Fetters Glacial". Melodic death-metal/pagan-black metal with fantasy motives. Concept album about lands of northern barbarians.

01. Intro (Way of the Warrior)
02. Dragonslayers
03. Wisdom of the Northern Winds
04. Towards the Legendary Shores
05. Conquerors of the Seas
06. Polar Wolves
07. Moment of Glory
08. Stare of the Death
09. Blizzard Bound
10. Outro (Crimson Dawn)

NECROSEPSIS "Melancholia"

Debut album of Belorus' band NECROSEPSIS "Melancholia" released via Fono. The band was formed in 1998, but "Melancholia" is its first album. Melodic death-metal/metalcore in Russian for fans of SOILWORK and SUICIDE SILENCE.

HATE IN HANDS "Through The Veins"

Melodic death-metal/metalcore debut from the Moscow band HATE IN HANDS released via Mazzar Records. The band supported THE SORROW in their Russian date. For fans of SOILWORK and THE DUSKFALL.

1. One Step
2. Fight Against You
3. Regression of Humanity
4. Sinking Soul
5. To Those Who Fall
6. Facing Death
7. Refuse Serenity
8. Existence to Ashes
9. Designed to Disgrace
10. Blank Reflections
11. The Escaping


One of the best Russian bands with their new album "Indigo". Power-metal in a vein of STRATOVARIUS. Guest appearance from the musicians of OMELA, LEGION, ANDEM. Sound engineer Eugen Vinogradov (FORGIVE-ME-NOT, BUTTERFLY TEMPLE).

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