MOTÖRHEAD: Coachella's Dark Horse Rides to the Top ' Undisputed Legends of Rock N' Roll Steal Annual Festival

Legendary rock n' roll leaders MOTÖRHEAD are officially the undisputed champions of Coachella 2014! Riding […]
May 7, 2014

Legendary rock n' roll leaders MOTÖRHEAD are officially the undisputed champions of Coachella 2014! Riding in as the dark horse of this year's festival, MOTÖRHEAD stole the show with a blazing set. Entering as underdogs, the band rose to the top in an instant ' becoming one of the most buzzed about and unexpected surprises at Coachella. The MOTÖRHEAD experience was accented by a special cameo from Slash.

MOTÖRHEAD performed many favorites, including top tracks 'Ace of Spades' and 'Overkill', with Slash joining in (see the links above for some great photos).

"Few things in rock are as pure, satisfying and loud as the sound of MOTÖRHEAD. They sit at the ear-shattering nexus of punk and metal - or what leader Lemmy Kilmister prefers to call rock & roll! The songs ripped as fans expect, from the driving "Over the Top" to the happily grim "Killed By Death!"
' Steve Appleford, Rolling Stone

"We make no secret of our love for Lemmy Kilmister. The MOTÖRHEAD front man is still the archetype of a rock-n-roll badass! Casual fans were definitely given a lesson last night as the band throttled hard through a setlist of brutal, classic riffs from throughout their discography."
' Nate Jackson, OC Weekly

"Legendary London heavy metal band MOTÖRHEAD, with special guest Slash, got the devil horns approval of fans on Sunday at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival."
' Wes Woods, LA News Group

"MOTÖRHEAD, who have already pummeled the crowd with the heaviest riffs heard all weekend, welcome Guns N' Roses guitar god Slash to the stage for a balls to the walls rendition of "Ace of Spades." Any marbles Coachella had left are instantly lost."
- Billboard

"The roaring riffs of Slash and MOTÖRHEAD axeman Phil Campbell could be heard all the way across Coachella's vast polo field, practically bleeding over into Arcade Fire's Main Stage revue."
- Yahoo Music

MOTÖRHEAD closed Coachella fresh off of several stellar and sold out performances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix last week ' just few more examples that the band continues to bring the same level of prowess and power that they're known for.

"Back from the dead," Lemmy chortles -- apparently his demise has been greatly exaggerated -- before his sandpaper vocals cut through "I Know How to Die," like a rusty knife slicing a squealing boar, a blast of white noise emanating from the ultimate power trio."
' Roy Trakin, Hollywood Reporter

"Lemmy closes with a touching version of his usual opener: "We are MOTÖRHEAD and we play rock 'n' roll. Don't forget us, alright!" We won't. Not ever. Because you guys rule."
' J. Bennett, Decibel Magazine

"Their songs' intense movement penetrated everything that was previously still! the band opened with "I Know How to Die," coupled with the mass forced entrance of fans from the back of the venue to the front of the stage that belittled efforts of Club Nokia security. Special guests stood straight and caged up in the balcony as the multigenerational mob of fans swallowed the main floor, erupting in circle pits in every corner."
' Rachael Mattice,

Maria Ferrero
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