MORTAL SIN: New Singer Announced

Australian metal legends, Mortal Sin have been at the forefront of the metal scene for […]
By Zarto
March 16, 2012

Australian metal legends, Mortal Sin have been at the forefront of the metal scene for over a quarter of a century. That's a long time to be banging your head and while members have come and gone, the legacy of the band has remained.

In February 2012 original vocalist Mat Maurer made the announcement that he would be leaving the band for family reasons.

While his Mortal brothers wish Mat all the best, they are absolutely stoked to announce their new frontman, Dave Tinelt! Dave comes from another great Aussie band, Nekrofeist and will make his Mortal debut this Saturday, March 17 at Venom in Sydney. The band will follow it up with a show at The Patch in Wollongong on March 31 and a few more to be announced.

From there, they will immediately get stuck into writing mode and will have the follow up to their critically acclaimed Psychology Of Death release.

Mortal Sin comment that 'we are so happy to welcome Dave into our family. He's a killer vocalist and an all round top guy. Dave will re-light the fires and inject new adrenalin in us all. The next record will pick up from where POD left off ' It will be harder, faster and all the other clichéd adjectives we can think of haha ' Seriously, we can't wait to record with him.'

Last November the latest monster of MORTAL SIN called "Psychology of Death" was released via NoiseArt Records and includes their classic album "Mayhemic Destruction"! A full-on assault of thrash!

Watch now the official clip for the song "Blood of my Enemies" here:

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