MORDANT RAPTURE: Launch "Quell the Voiceless."

MORDANT RAPTURE: California-based Symphonic Technical Death Metal/Black Metal Influenced Group Premiere "Quell the Voiceless" At […]
June 5, 2018

MORDANT RAPTURE: California-based Symphonic Technical Death Metal/Black Metal Influenced Group Premiere "Quell the Voiceless" At Toilet Ov Hell. Debut EP The Abnegation Out July 13th via THE ARTISAN ERA. For Fans Of: Irreversible Mechanism, Spawn Of Possession, Enfold Darkness, Mirrorthrone.

After releasing high-profile widely loved 2018 death metal albums from Augury and Inferi, rising label The Artisan Era is ready to unleash even more quality death metal upon the masses. Enter recent signees Mordant Rapture, a San Jose, California-based group delivering powerful symphonic heavy technical death metal.

The Artisan Era recently announced the upcoming July 13th release of the band's debut EP, The Abnegation. The Abnegation is a five-song whirlwind of symphonic and blackened technical death metal influenced by the grandiose nature of film scores and also by groups such as Spawn of Possession, Emperor, Necrophagist, and Dissection. Active since 2013, The Abnegation will be the group's first release, due in part to Mordant Rapture laboring for years writing and re-inventing themselves until satisfied with songs they considered top-notch.

Today the band partnered with Toilet Ov Hell to launch the first single from The Abnegation, "Quell the Voiceless".

*You can listen to Mordant Rapture - "Quell the Voiceless" HERE:

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Toilet Ov Hell had the following to say about "Quell the Voiceless:"

"Quell the Voiceless" wastes no time in letting you know what you're in for, opening with a controlled but staggering burst of guitar and drums under a thick layer of strings and piano. You'll probably notice that those orchestrations sit fairly high in the mix; they're just as important as the rest of the instrumentation, both providing a guide for your ear through the chaos and defining a very dramatic framework in which the band can flex their technical muscles.

And flex they do; in terms of raw skill, Mordant Rapture can hang with the best of them, shredding fretboard and kit alike with ease. The aforementioned level of control is impressive, too, as they don't simply go full blasting and arpeggios all the time. The rhythms twist and change frequently but consistently, making them much more impactful than if it had just been a constant stream of notes. Even the vocal cadence feels more deliberate than the norm, like it belongs to the music rather than simply being an afterthought, and his raspy black metal influenced scream perfectly complements the grim atmosphere. All of these elements mix together to create something that feels equal parts film score and death metal, a perfect backdrop for the band to tell the album's story."

Pre-orders for Mordant Rapture - The Abnegation are now live:

The Abnegation Track Listing:

1. Unsightly Beast
2. Withered
3. A Plea Above Ashes
4. Quell the Voiceless
5. Natal Trophies

The Abnegation Line-Up:

Vocals | Rodrigo Rodríguez
Guitar | Ben Wilkinson
Guitar | Kent Congdon
Drums | Josh Miller (*Session work/ Emmure's drummer)

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