MONOMYTH: New Album "Exo" Coming April 22nd, 2016

Monomyth: the hero's journey. An epic journey with unknown conclusion. Monomyth stands for thrilling instrumental […]
February 18, 2016

Monomyth: the hero's journey. An epic journey with unknown conclusion. Monomyth stands for thrilling instrumental soundscapes, a rollercoaster ride in which the listener can lose him- or herself. It is the sound of five people searching for their musical boundaries and moving beyond them. Monomyth transports you to another world, a place that feels both new and familiar. In the ranks we find five people from different creative and musical backgrounds. Monomyth's music is a complete experience, a collective statement by five like-minded identities.

With the new and third album "Exo" (Suburban, April 2016) Monomyth completes its own epic trilogy and again sets foot ashore. The concept, as commenced on "Monomyth" and "Further", gets an exciting continuation. The main theme of "Exo" is the discovery and mapping of a completely new territory, with a few interesting surprises for the attentive listener. Again the technical possibilities are utilized to the fullest, both in the music and in the story underpinning the record. The by now very recognizable Monomyth style freely permeates the five new tracks, but the band also experiments with new elements. Besides ambient, prog, kraut and space rock, this time soul, dance and even unadulterated hard rock can be heard. All this is steeped in the production by Pieter Kloos, who manages to bring even more depth to the Monomyth sound. Clear, transparent and trance-inducing. Close your eyes and join the adventure.

Monomyth was founded in 2011 in The Hague. Instrumental music was the aim from the outset. With their experience as baggage, the members wholeheartedly set course toward their common musical goal: progressive transcendence. The Monomyth theory, conceived by Joseph Campbell, incorporates a systematic representation of an adventure. Monomyth translates this to music through concepts, in which the story lines help shape the adventure into a musical form and in which concept, art and music fuse to a titillating whole. Monomyth plays music for "the mind, the body and the soul".

LINE UP - Bass guitar: Selwyn Slop, Drums: Sander Evers, Keyboards: Peter van der Meer, Guitars: Thomas van den Reydt, Knobs & Computers: Tjerk Stoop

The band are confirmed to appear on the mainstage of Desertfest 2016 on Saturday 30[sup]th[/sup]April at the Electric Ballroom, London.

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