MOB RULES: New Video Single "Ghost of a Chance."

Northern German Metal band MOB RULES release a new digital single and video for the […]
July 7, 2018

Northern German Metal band MOB RULES release a new digital single and video for the song "Ghost Of A Chance" today - taken from their forthcoming studio album "Beast Reborn".

Singer Klaus Dirks explains: "The song arose spontaneously more from a gut-feeling, than from the head. Playing straight ahead, very rhythmic with gripping arrangement, it gets to the point quickly and efficiently. The motifs of the song are presented very strongly without losing themselves. Contentwise the song tells about leaving the past behind to dare a new beginning after everything old has broken apart. It is not certain what will happen. There is the "ghost of a chance" that everything will get worse or better. It's just the exciting thing that you don't know what lies ahead."

You can watch the video here:

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MOB RULES album release shows 2018

24.08. DE-Weiher - Live Music Hall
25.08. DE-Oberhausen - Helvete Pub
08.09. DE-Wilhelmshaven - Pumpwerk

BRAINSTORM ' Midnight Ghost Release Shows 2018
special guest: MOB RULES

28.09. DE-Cham ' L.A. Cham
29.09. DE-Hannover ' Musikzentrum
30.09. DE-Heidenheim ' Lokschuppen
02.10. DE-Siegburg ' Kubana Live Club
03.10. DE-Rheine ' Hypothalamus

MOB RULES live 2018

07.07. DE-Belle - Beller Freibad Open Air (Headliner Show)
13.07. DE-Balingen - Bang Your Head Festival

06.10. DE-Gießen - Metal Crash Festival

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