MINDCAGE: Stream the Special Edition of "Our Own Devices" Now via Metal Insider

Today marks the release of MINDCAGE's special edition version of Our Own Devices, available worldwide […]
August 13, 2014

Today marks the release of MINDCAGE's special edition version of Our Own Devices, available worldwide via Aetherwax on Amazon, iTunes, and other digital retailers. In celebration of today's release, MetalInsider.net has the exclusive on a full album stream! Head here to listen now: https://www.metalinsider.net/premieres/album-premiere-mindcage-our-own-devices-special-edition

The special edition of Our Own Devices was mixed by triple-platinum and legendary producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Accept, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Helloween) at his acclaimed WireWorld Studio just outside of Nashville. The original version of Our Own Devices was produced by the band's founder/guitarist Dietrick Hardwick. Michael Wagener recorded and produced the vocal and guitar solo performances as well as the mixing and pre-mastering of the album.

The special edition of Our Own Devices features two new songs entirely recorded, produced and mixed by Michael Wagener, and engineered by his rising star engineer/assistant Gena Johnson. Gena also contributed the hauntingly seductive "sirens call" femme vocals on the new track 'The Coming Storm'.

The Our Own Devices special edition version follows the original album's engaging storyline, inspired by the fiction of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. The record introduces the world to the character of Arabella Vash, a young woman who uses the power of her dreams to transform the dystopian world she inhabits. As her intuition and dreams become vivid, a growing connection from a rebel faction outside the city walls becomes all too real.

The new songs on the special edition of Our Own Devices further the story. "These new songs pick up the story perfectly, in the splendid moment where Arabella's mission is carried out," states MINDCAGE founder and guitarist Dietrick Hardwick. "An eon of oppression ends as the dystopian walls give way to newfound freedom for its citizens. They walk in the natural light and breathe the open air for the very first time."

Hardwick adds, "Just after revelling briefly in this timeless moment of victory, The One Constant soon realize that though the battle has been won, the real war has not yet begun. They know what lies ahead is the greatest test of strength and faith humanity shall ever know. Together, they must prepare to face the inevitable. An epic-scale cataclysm... the coming storm."

The special edition sets the stage perfectly for the band's upcoming second installment in the trilogy story, which is based on Hardwick's upcoming prophetic Sci-fi Earthchime books.

Maria Ferrero
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