MIGHTY MUSIC: Celebrates 20 Years with Two-Day Festival.

Scandinavia's premiere rock/metal label Mighty Music was established in the autumn of 1997. During the […]
October 10, 2017

Scandinavia's premiere rock/metal label Mighty Music was established in the autumn of 1997. During the years over 200 albums have been released, countless singles, thousands of songs published, numerous live events and a helluva lot of merchandise. We have worked and still work with artists like Artillery, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Mike Tramp, Solbrud, SEA, No Return, Marco Mendoza, Dim Mak, Panzerchrist, Brutality, Blitzkrieg, Forsaken, Lucer, Black Book Lodge, Thorium, Vanir and lots of other great bands.

This year, we are celebrating our 20 years in the music business with a 2-day anniversary festival, taking place in the heart of Copenhagen at the new venue Halmtorvet 9.

"Alongside the music industry in general, we have had many ups and downs in the history of Mighty Music. From being an all CD focused record company up 'til today when we are embracing the new technology with digital streaming and alternative ways of releasing and promoting artists alongside old school CD & LP releases. I still remember the term "please return my stamps" and still remember all the hard work we put into the label back in the days and still do. I am very proud of the fact that Mighty Music are still around and bigger and stronger than ever. We will gladly take another 20 years in ring.I'm still metal, have long hair and a beautiful wife. My partner in crime, Bjarke Ahlstrand has short hair today, but a beautiful new wife and is still pretty metal :)" Michael H. Andersen, Mighty Music

MIGHTY MUSIC 20 years anniversary festival Line-Up

Friday the 10th of November 2017

INIQUITY (DK) "Serenadium" re-release party. The band is playing their cult album from 1996 from start to finish and some.
THE PETULANT (DK) "Death/thrash metal supreme, recently released their praised album "Dictum".
PARASIGHT (DK) "Crust metal/punk with members from The Kandidate and Pilgrimz".

Satruday the 11th of November 2017

SECRET HEADLINER "Probably the best classic hard rock band out of Denmark and a must see on your bucket list of bands, Robb Weir, Tygers Of Pan Tang".
CHIRO (DK) "Old school thrash metal. Est. in the late 80's and new album "Tunnel" out soon".
JUSTIFY REBELLION (DK) "Young, melodic thrash metal in the vein of early Metallica).

Presenters: Bjarke Ahlstrand & Michael H. Andersen

Tickets are 120 DKK per day and 200 DKK for 2-days. Buy tickets herehttps://www.billetto.dk


Mighty Music
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