MIASMAL: New album 'Tides Of Omniscience' released + new video launched

MIASMAL's new album Tides Of Omniscience is out now! Visit CM Distro or the store […]
March 10, 2016

MIASMAL's new album Tides Of Omniscience is out now! Visit CM Distro or the store of your choice and get this beast of an album on CD and LP.


Tides Of Omniscience is available in the following formats:

Ltd. CD Digipak (including woven patch)
LP (plus poster and CD)
Digital Download/stream

People of North-America! Divebomb Records will release Tides Of Omniscience on April 16th! Check https://www.divebombrecords.com/site/ for updates and pre-orders.

MIASMAL have launched a brand new video as well. Check out "Deception" here: https://youtu.be/sUKvK_B3F5Q

MIASMAL also played a great release show for "Tides Of Omniscience" at Truckstop Alaska in Gotheburg (together with Vanhelgd and Bastard Grave), the same place where they have presented their 2014 album "Cursed Redeemer" together with Morbus Chron and Vampire. Check MIASMAL's Facebook page for a cool live clip of the new song "Key To Eternity": https://www.facebook.com/miasmal

Absolute death metal!!!

"Tides Of Omniscience" tracklist:
1. Axiom (3:57)
2. Deception (3:18)
3. The Pilgrimage (5:20)
4. Venomous Harvest (2:46)
5. Perseverance (3:29)
6. Key To Eternity (4:03)
7. Earthbound (4:03)
8. Dark Waters (4:21)
9. Fear The New Flesh (4:21)
10. The Shifting Of Stars (5:14)

"Tides Of Omniscience" has reached #3 in the soundcheck of Close-Up (SE), soundcheck position #4 in Rock Hard (DE) and received excellent reviews:

"... a musically and atmospherically highly sophisticated album. MIASMAL are on the verge of creating their very own death metal style. The band deserves highest respect for that!"
Patrick Schmidt (Rock Hard)

"The inspired song writing combines razor-sharp riffs and raging blast beats to most efficient songs. Ten brand new weapons of mass destruction leave no doubt that traditional death metal still can sound fresh and extremely angry. Massive!"
Ben Klein (Metal Hammer)

"That certain otherness, the maniacal melodies, the dark heaviness and the high degree of recognition completely caught me by surprise. A magnificent album for everyone fed-up with third class Entombed-clones. Get it now! And check out the solos on the album!"
Jarne (Cudgel / Party.San Open Air)

"Besides bands like Vampire, Tribulation, Morbus Chron or Obliteration MIASMAL inject a big dose of fresh blood into Scandinavian death metal!"
Jan Schwarzkamp (Visions)

"Well done!"
Ollie Fröhlich (Fuze)

Production note:
The tracklist on the back cover of the Digipak is a bit mixed up. It looks like this:

Fear The New Flesh
The Key To Eternity
Dark Waters
The Reign Of Otnasnom *
The Shifting Of Stars

* the correct title is "Venomous Harvest"

Don't be confused! The tracks on the CD and inside the booklet are in correct order. So please refer to the above tracklisting, starting with the song "Axiom".

MIASMAL online:

Century Media Records
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