MÉLANCOLIA: Unleash hell on debut album

Melbourne-based blackened deathcore group MÉLANCOLIA share their video for GOD TONGUE and unleash hell on […]
April 22, 2023

Melbourne-based blackened deathcore group MÉLANCOLIA share their video for GOD TONGUE and unleash hell on debut album, HissThroughRottenTeeth, out now and streaming everywhere via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast Records.

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MÉLANCOLIA's debut album, HissThroughRottenTeeth immerses listeners in a torturous tale of birth, life and death. HissThroughRottenTeeth follows a fallen deity, cast down from a godly realm and met with the punishment of reincarnating as a human with a wealth of knowledge yet stripped entirely of power.
"Essentially the album is about the pain of existence and how we get no say in coming into this world," says vocalist and songwriter Alex Hill.

The album traverses different stages of the deity's miserable existence, doomed to repeat a painful cycle for all of eternity. MÉLANCOLIA sink their teeth into their monstrous storyline with eerie passages, guttural deliveries, and grotesque visuals, dispensing pure dread through their music.

After establishing themselves just last year with the single "Horror_Ethereal," the band announced in February their signing to both Greyscale Records for Australia and New Zealand and Nuclear Blast for the rest of the world. Mélancolia may be fresh out the gates but they're miles from the start line as the four-piece have crafted a unique sound that has already catapulted them to new heights.

MÉLANCOLIA unveiled their second single [Inure]alongside their album announcement in early March, which invited listeners into MÉLANCOLIA's world of unease and doom, thematically inspired by sadomasochism and how it's often used as a tactic to feel after experiencing a sense of numbness for so long.

"GOD TONGUE" becomes the latest video to shed from HissThroughRottenTeeth, sharing eerie visuals of a mortal monstrosity. The track observes organized religion and condemns those who follow for the wrong reasons. Watch here:

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MÉLANCOLIA echo a tormented entity trapped within the claws of despair, angst, and unnerving melancholy. Like messengers of darkness, Alex Hill takes his place at the forefront as vocalist, Joshua Taafe and Billy Morris join the fold as guitarists with Mason Page on drums. Storming through the gates of 2023 with a vengeance, Mélancolia played their first-ever show with Thy Art Is Murder on their Decade Of Hate Australian Tour in January alongside Starve and Justice For The Damned.

HissThroughRottenTeeth is available today, Friday April 21 via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast.

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