DICTATED release video clip for "This is To All"! Irish dates announced Dutch death metal […]
January 23, 2015

DICTATED release video clip for "This is To All"!

Irish dates announced

Dutch death metal newcomers, DICTATED released their debut album, "The Deceived," last year. Last month, guitarists Sonja Schuringa and Jessica Otten shot a guitar demonstration video to show fans just exactly how "The Basher" is played. The track itself features guest vocalist Jason Keyser of Origin! Watch Sonja and Jessica shred at metalblade.com/Dictated.

There's no rest for the wicked, and the band stayed busy and recently filmed an official video for the album track "This is To All." Check it out metalblade.com/Dictated. The band will be performing shows from February and onwards throughout 2015 in Europe. The confirmed list of shows is below.

DICTATED comments on the video as follows: "With our new video "This is To All" we kick off 2015 with a blast! With the one and only Serpent King and Frank Schilperoort, we would like you to sit back and get your teeth kicked in with our new video!"

York Keijzer - vocals
Sonja Schuringa - guitars
Yessica Otten - guitars
Henri Sattler - (session) bass
Michiel vd Plicht - (session) drums

14/02/15 NL - Rijssen - Lucky
21/02/15 NL - Purmerend - P3
07/03/15 NL - Beek & Donk - Fortress Fest
12/03/15 IE - Dublin - Fiber Magees
13/03/15 IE - Limerick - Dolans
14/03/15 IE - Galway - Roisin Dubh
16/05/15 NL - Emmen - Emmen Metal Fest
23/05/15 NL - Den Haag - Metalcon
25/07/15 NL - Steenwijk - Stonehenge
22/08/15 NL - Nijverdal - Tattoo Fest


Nick Schendzielos releases "Newborns" video with Revocation's Dave Davidson!

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Fans of Job for a Cowboy are likely familiar with bassist Nick Schendzielo's over-the-top youtube channel, Bassfordays, and he's back at it again with another weird bass video. This time, Revocations' Dave Davidson lends his guitar talent for "Newborns". Watch it now at your own risk at youtube.com/bassfordays.

"Sun Eater," the fourth full-length album from Job for a Cowboy, was released in 2014 via Metal Blade Records worldwide. The response to the record was overwhelmingly positive, with Decibel Magazine conceding and saying "Fuck it, I can admit when I'm wrong! Turns out that, while I was busy pointedly not paying attention to them, these deathcore progenitors actually became a pretty damn good band." Alternative Press Magazine also declared in their 4.5/5 star review that "they've become a full-on progressive death metal band!the songs have progressive sweep and epic power, at times recalling Opeth's heavier work!Sun Eater is one of 2014's best metal albums, period." Praise for "Sun Eater" burned through blogosphere and resonated with fans. "Sun Eater" debuted at #91 on the Billboard Top 200, and #5 on the Billboard Hard Music albums chart. On the day of release, the album was #2 on the iTunes metal charts. Listen to "Sun of Nihility" and order your copy of Job for a Cowboy's "Sun Eater" now at metalblade.com/jobforacowboy.

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