MANOWAR To Headline Next Year's Getaway Rock Festival

Late Friday night (July 8), MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio appeared onstage at this year's Getaway […]
By Elina
July 9, 2011

Late Friday night (July 8), MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio appeared onstage at this year's Getaway Rock festival in Gävle, Sweden and announced that MANOWAR, the self-proclaimed "Kings Of Metal," will perform as next year's festival headliners.

This will be the fulfillment of MANOWAR's promise to return in triumph to the Swedish festival scene after 12 years.

"The Swedish fans have won; their belief, shown by their non-acceptance of false metal is the reason we will finally return," said DeMaio after the announcement. "There was no compromise in their voices, nor in our resolve; we promised each other that it's all or nothing.

"It is no secret that there was a war between promoters as to who would bring MANOWAR back to Sweden and finally give the fans what they want and Getaway won.

"We played our last festival in Sweden in 1999 and we promised we would not return until we could give our fans what they deserve and next year that promise will be fulfilled. We vow to crack the earth with power and might.

"This will be a show which no true metal warrior will want to miss. We are calling all Manowarriors not only from Scandinavia, but from all over the world to join us for earth-shattering, face-melting metal..

"The voice of the fans in Sweden has been heard, many other countries will also take heed and their voice too will be the reason MANOWAR will appear in their country next. There will be more news and surprises to be announced!"

Added Getaway Rock festival organizer Tomas Gernberg: "This is a major step for us and naturally we are honored that we could secure MANOWAR as headliners for Getaway Rock festival 2012. MANOWAR have a strong and loyal following in Sweden, Scandinavia and all over the world. We are proud to be the ones to bring the band back to Sweden."

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