MAMMOTH STORM: Signs with Argonauta Records.

[ photo by Vilma Vidjeskog ] The Swedish doom heavyweight MAMMOTH STORM is back: The […]
February 27, 2019

[ photo by Vilma Vidjeskog ]

The Swedish doom heavyweight MAMMOTH STORM is back: The trio has inked a worldwide deal with the ever-growing Argonauta Records, and return with a brand new album during 2019!

Formed in 2012, MAMMOTH STORM left an impressive first stamp with their critically acclaimed debut EP, Rite Of Ascension, followed by numerous shows all over Europe alongside acts such as AHAB and many more. Fornjot, the band's first full-length album released in 2015 with Napalm Records, gained MAMMOTH STORM the well-deserved, high praise by both fans and critics alike, while pursuing heavy as hell riffs in the name of doom. Four years later, the band featuring Daniel Arvidsson (also in Draconian) on bass and vocals, drum & organ wizard Emil Ahlman and guitarist Christer Ström return to the scene with their sophomore storm of a mammoth album, Alruna.

Says the band: "Mammoth Storm are proud to announce that Argonauta Records will release the long awaited second LP "Alruna". A collaboration that will mark a new exciting chapter for us. We're humble to finally have a suiting home to adress the new album and it's with great anticipation that we now can move forward and reveal this heavy news. To close this deal means that we're confident to give you the release date for our second strike soon."

Named after the mythical plant Mandragora, Alruna is the enigmatic sequel to the highly appreciated debut album Fornjot. The album holds five new songs sprung from the same source as its predecessor but shows a broader range of expression and a somewhat different sound. The production has a rare deadly punch that animates the progression of MAMMOTH STORM into a new earth shaking experience. The deceptive silence has ceased, the storm is approaching!

Stay tuned for many more news, details and first album tunes to be revealed soon, when the MAMMOTH STORM will finally lumber again!


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