MALTHUSIAN: Set Release Date For Debut Album

Today, Invictus Productions, in conspiracy with Dark Descent Records, sets September 7th as the international […]
June 5, 2018

Today, Invictus Productions, in conspiracy with Dark Descent Records, sets September 7th as the international release date for MALTHUSIAN's highly anticipated debut album, Across Deaths. Dark Descent will handle the album's North American release, while Invictus will handle the rest of the world.

Since their fateful first demo, MMXIII, in 2013, Ireland's MALTHUSIANhave been a study in strident refinement and maverick poise. No move is ever out of place, nor any possibility unexplored; chaos may be waiting in the wings, but it is resisted and never fully/remotely sought. The hydra-headed quartet started on enviably firm footing from the very beginning - trace elements of bestial black metal, morbid death metal, and languorous doom, all mangled and minced with poetic ease - but what sprouted from that first demo and especially the subsequent Below the Hengiform EP two years later was something extraordinary indeed. This was black/death/doom ART taken to hallucinatory extremes!and Malthusian were only just beginning.

True, Across Deaths will be a "beginning" for many listeners otherwise new to MALTHUSIAN, but for those already well versed in the band's vortextural musings, the album-length format opens their world even wider. Peer inside and the visions of bottomless doom are writ large; obscene forms writhe and resist, each psychological tendril twisting to ever-beckoning infinity. That MALTHUSIAN can harness these sensations should be no surprise - both short-length predecessors seemed massive at the time (and still are) - but the sheer fact (not to mention the sheer audacity) that a band can so effortlessly take angular, largely atonal Death Metal and make it a seemingly cinematic experience should compel naysayers to finally investigate this malodorous of artforms. Naturally, for however adventurous their visions continue to be, MALTHUSIAN above all belief in the alternately damning/redemptive powers of heavy metal: diversity of expression comes from within, not without.

Further verbiage is simply wasted - the experience is all. No time like the present, then, to travel Across Deaths with MALTHUSIAN. Begin the perilous journey with the new track "Remnant Fauna" HERE at Invictus' Bandcamp:

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for MALTHUSIAN's Across Deaths:

1. Remnant Fauna
2. Across the Expanse of Nothing
3. Sublunar Hex
4. Primal Attunement - The Gloom Epoch
5. Telluric Tongues (Roaring Into the Earth)


Kyle Scott


Nathan Birk
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