LUNAR MERCIA: Unveil their spectacular post black metal album, "Leaving The Fragile Space"

As light is refracted through a prism, revealing an array of brilliant hues, the secret […]
November 18, 2022

As light is refracted through a prism, revealing an array of brilliant hues, the secret colours that shimmer within, so can the human heart be broken open, unveiling a spectrum of unsuspected emotion. From the crimson of overwhelming passion and uncontrollable rage, to the deep violet shadows of sadness and remorse; the cold blues of pain that bleed into the purple bruises of loss and the rich green of hope that gives way to the warm fires of yellow and orange, of joy and exultation. So much held invisible, shining unseen between the beats of life that countdown slowly to our death.

The four remarkable songs that form the debut album from Birmingham, England's Lunar Mercia ' Leaving The Fragile Space ' hold all the secrets of the human heart, all the colours of emotion within their breathtaking expanse of sound. Raging ferocity and deep, cold melancholy are juxtaposed and entwined. Legions steeped in burning darkness march with a strident, imperious pace from smoke enshrouded battlefields into beautiful expanses of clear blue sky. The listener is carried from the peaks of exhilaration to the stygian depths of sorrow, through passages of tranquillity and eruptions of blood and warfare. And each perfectly crafted moment flows into the next, as natural and essential as breathing. The grand length of three of these tracks simply goes unnoticed, with every second forming an intrinsic part of each unfolding story. Marrying the atmosphere and attack of black metal to the introspection and reflection of post-metal, Lunar Mercia have created something that will enamour and enthral. From the fierce opening salvo of 'On The Veiled Road', through its punchy, melodic riffs and plaintive cries, on into the tumultuous sea of contrasts that is 'Sombre Corruption'. We pause and gather our thoughts, attempt to take in all that has befallen us in the delicate whispers of 'The Loss' and then scale the heights of 'Leaving The Fragile Space' itself to take in the vast vistas of sound that lie around us.

Building on the strong foundations of their 2020 EP, Departing And Adoring, Lunar Mercia have taken giant strides with Leaving The Fragile Space, indulging their imagination and ambition to the full with incredible results. Recorded at Super Audio Brains with producer Matt Taylor and mastered by Chris Fielding (Conan, Boss Keloid, Winterfylleth etc) every facet of Leaving The Fragile Space shines, while the artwork created by Chris Scrivens captures the essence of the emotive music within. Released digitally on September 30th, Leaving The Fragile Space is now available on four panel, digi-pack CD. Lunar Mercia are purveyors of dreams, their music forged in the fires of creative endeavour and Leaving The Fragile Space is a work of majesty and magic not to be missed.

Stefano Bassi ' Vocals/Bass
William Southworth ' Guitar/Vocals
Stephen White ' Drums/Vocals
Simon Alexander - Guitar
Leaving The Fragile Space Recording Line-up:
William Southworth ' Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Stephen White ' Drums/Vocals
Chris Scrivens - Guitar

Genre: Post Black Metal
For fans of: Agalloch | Wolves In The Throne Room | Harakiri For The Sky | Ghost Bath

Further Information:

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