LIMBO-X: Debut Album "Outburst" To Be Released

Details about the upcoming album: "Outburst": 1. Feel An Absence Everyday 2. Cut The Ties […]
February 10, 2014

Details about the upcoming album: "Outburst":

1. Feel An Absence Everyday
2. Cut The Ties
3. An Illusion To Last
4. It's Time To Hear
5. Rainy Days
6. Far Away From Home
7. Everyday (In Different Way)
8. Important (What Is It)
9. Through The Mist
10. Only For A While


"OUTBURST" will be released soon through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records.
The specific release date will be announced this month.

Hometown: Chalkis, GR

Genres: Metal / Groove Metal / Thrash Metal

Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

Giorgos Roubalas-vocals
Giannis Stergiou- Guitars
Vasilis Trikkas - Guitars
Michalis Papadopoulos- Bass
Platonas Karavasiloglou-drums

Limbo-X is a metal band from Chalkis, Greece. All the members had spent many years participating in local bands around the region of Chalkis. In 2009 they came together and decided to combine their skills and metal ideas under the name of Limbo-X.

After rehearsing and covering some of their favorite bands like Pantera , Slayer ,Sepultura, the band started to participating in many local gigs and after those first months spent on stage, the band decided to work on its own material. The result of that effort was the 5 track demo called "First tie to cut!" which was self-released and received great reviews .

Three years after the demo release the band entered their home studio to work on new material.

After many rehearsals the band recorded ten powerful songs that form the structure of their debut album "OUTBURST".


Rock Of Angels Records
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