LAZER/WULF: added to Roadburn Festival 2015

LAZER/WULF, the Georgia-based instrumental trio have been added to the line up for the legendary […]
October 10, 2014

LAZER/WULF, the Georgia-based instrumental trio have been added to the line up for the legendary Roadburn Festival for their 2015 edition.Following the release of their debut full length album, and having toured Europe this summer with Kylesa, LAZER/WULF are returning to conquer Tilburg next April. They will join like likes ofSólstafir, Messenger, King Dude, Floor and many more in an eclectic line up that will take over the cities' 013 venue between April 9th-12th 2015.

Roadburn said this aboutThe Beast of Left and Rightalbum:"It's a fiery, mostly instrumental, head-wrecking blend of finger-mangling impossible guitar riffs, busily burbling bass molestation and dizzyingly dexterous drum battery that manages to be fiercely progressive and insanely technical without falling into the trap of directionless shredding and we just love it."More information about Roadburn, including line up information and ticket on sale dates can be foundHERE.

Their nine-track album is written as a palindrome, that is, it is the same backwards and forwards with two distinct halves, Left and Right. For instance, the first song on the album,Choose Again, uses the exact same chords, riffs and drum tracks as the final song on the album,Mutual Endbut one is major and the other is minor. As the band explains it, "The idea is that either way you choose, Left or Right, the paths are the same."The Beast of Left and Rightis available to orderHERE

LAZER/WULF have self-released two EPs: 2009'sThe Void That Isn'tand the 2012 releaseThere Was a Hole Here. It's Gone Now. The three-piece, who Flagpole called "maniacal, prog-obsessed precisionists" is Bryan Aiken (guitar), Sean Peiffer (bass) and Brad Rice (drums).Retro Futurist Records was formed by the core members of the heavy rock/psych/metal group KYLESA (Phillip Cope, Laura Pleasants, Carl McGinley II). Veterans of the underground music scene and diehard music fans in general, they wanted to put together a label to showcase young and promising talent while offering artists a friendly home.

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