LAST FRONTIER: Are ready to upcoming release of their new album

The band Says: We thought that this day would never come and instead destiny wanted […]
July 31, 2019

The band Says:

We thought that this day would never come and instead destiny wanted to reward our tenacity and passion ..

Everything is ready for the release of our third work - Aether (Equivalent exchange) - A disc full of details, power and melodic atmospheres made more intricate thanks also to the collaboration of excellent vocalists. This time, the great Simone Muraloni of Domination Studio has done justice to our sound, which has given a touch of modernity and sound impact to all the work. The disc will still be released under the Revalve Records very soon, so you just need to follow our next news which will be full of details and information.

The band was born in April 2005.

Their passion for music and their desire to transmit through it their vision of the world, it's crucial for the band to materialize itself.

Born with name of "Trascendence", and after having composed the first songs, the band continued their musical activity by taking the final name of "Last Frontier".

From 2005 to 2009 Last Frontier begins an intense live activity working with others local bands, earning appreciations from a purely metal audiance, but also from an accostumed to other sounds one.

Meanwhile the band records 3 promo cd: "Last Frontier" (2005), "Darklight" (2007) and "Black Horizon" (2008).

Over the years, and after several major line up changes, the band grows with a more aggressive sound, away from their old one, keeping their melodic and impressive sound.
In 2010 their first full lenght was published, "Apocalypse Machine", and reach an agreement for the physical distrubution with german label MDD Records, and digital distribution with the label iMusician. The work is the meeting of the musical essence of the band matured with the years and it finally makes justice to the song which is composed it.

In 2014 their second full length was published "Theta Healing (through the poison). For the new album, the band preferred a work less structured than the previous, looking for a more mature songwriting and a more direct and powerfull sound. To all this has contributed an accurate and professional recording.

At the end of the recordings of Theta Healing, the drummer Zarro. B. Cruel and the bass palyer Adrian Dèi left the band for personal reasons, and after respectively 5 and 6 years of honorable presence many live and two albums The band is currently engaged in the promotion of the album with an intense live and in the composition of new songs.

Marco Cantoni: Voce
Mimmo Natale: Guitars
Ciro Fasano: Keyboards
Salvatore Argiento: Bass
Fulvio Liguori: Drums

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