KUNVUK's David Hart: "The music industry is exactly where it needs and deserves to be"

"TWITCHER" (out June 2014) is the third KUNVUK album, how does it compare to previous […]
June 24, 2014

"TWITCHER" (out June 2014) is the third KUNVUK album, how does it compare to previous releases of yours? "We've started focusing on writing smaller batches of songs to release as EPs. Personally I find it difficult to find time to listen to whole albums and rarely does a band hold my attention for long enough for me to get through a whole album. So the idea was to work on 6 songs at a time and pump out EPs at a much faster rate than the full-length albums. All that ended up happening though was that we spent the same amount of time on 6 songs as we would on 10-12 songs. This is great though because the songs have come out as these really detailed, layered monsters where we've been able to labour over all the noises and get it just right.

"For me the EP is a much more focused record than the previous two. The song-writing is fucking killer, we've introduced a whole bunch of new sounds and instruments to boost the songs into these steroid-pumping freak jams and to my ears it just sounds like the next evolution of the Kunvuk sound. It's not like the other two albums but as soon as you throw it on you know it's Kunvuk.

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be? "I wouldn't change a thing. I think the industry is exactly where it needs and deserves to be. For years the record labels have not only been screwing the artists but screwing the fans. They dictated what we should hear and tried to appeal to the masses, watering down content and overcharging for it. Now the playing field has been levelled. Now they can't figure out where to grab their coin from. I think sometimes people forget that there are so many awesome things to have come out of this change to the industry. They no longer have any control over what music gets released. It's total chaos. A band like us could never have recorded our own albums and released them in the 90s. We would have had to beg a record label to take us in and change us to what they believed we needed to be in order to sell so many units. Now we can release music and it is purely us - no interference - a direct conduit from the band to the fan. I hear bands complain all of the time about not making money now and that they deserve to be paid for their "art". I say to them get the fuck off the stage. If you are making music to make money then go be an accountant. Starve for your art. What did the great visual artists get paid? What did the great authors get paid? The industry and the artists got too fat from all the excesses over the past decades and believed that they somehow were owed this. Right now is where we weed out all the weak fuckers that were attracted to music for money. This is where we start getting back to music for music's sake and we start hearing songs that actually matter again.

Kunvuk released their new EP "Twitcher" on June 6th 2014.
After touring multiple times around Australia in support of their second album "Consume Rapture", the Sydney-based experimental groove metal trio retreated to their Shadow Mekanik Studios work on the third Kunvuk album. Recorded, engineered and mixed again by the band's guitarist and singer David Hart "Twitcher" is the most focused and deadly release the band has ever recorded.

"We set out to write a huge batch of songs with the intent to pick the most promising tracks and work those up into a dense and multi-layered flurry of noise, intensity and groove" comments Hart. "We are going through a process of continually working to evolve our sound and with this EP we have made another leap forward introducing new elements and refining our established sound." The band, rounded out by bassist Luis Barra and lead guitarist Oz Slater, do just that on Twitcher creating a volatile monster that puts Kunvuk in a unique space in the modern metal music scene.

The album was again mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (DEATH, SWANS, MASTODON, CONVERGE, BARONESS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, CLUTCH) in New Windsor, New York.

The six tracks that form "Twitcher" contain the band's most focused material yet, demonstrating Kunvuk's songwriting skills and broadening palette of sounds. Whether it be through thrash, punk freak-outs ("Into Twitcher"), snappy, chunky stompers interbred with industrial electronic discharges ("Networking", Mexican Death Pop") or emotional slabs of dark atmospheric metal ("Waves", "One Vote") the EP is dense, experimental and proves that Kunvuk is amongst the leaders of modern metal.

Tracklisting for "Twitcher":
Into Twitcher
Mexican Death Pop
One Vote
Out of Twitcher

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