KRAANIUM: Release Savage New Album Slamchosis Through Comatose Music!

Be warned - things are about to get nasty... On October 26th Comatose Music will […]
August 26, 2018

Be warned - things are about to get nasty... On October 26th Comatose Music will release the latest and greatest album from the kings of slamming, brutal death metal ' KRAANIUM! Slamchosis features ten tracks of bludgeoning brutality that take everything to the next level of sickness. Featuring vocals that dredge the sewers of disease with their utter inhumanity, riffs that will crack foundations and disturb the long dead and a twisted lyrical edge that'll have you choking with laughter, or choking on vomit depending on the depravity of your humour, this album sees KRAANIUM hitting new peaks of precision delivery at the same time as they plumb new depths of horror.

It's nearly two decades now since KRAANIUM erupted from their maggot infested womb and from their first demo, No Respect For The Dead, all the way to 2015s Chronicles Of Perversion they have shocked, outraged and entertained as they cracked skulls and shattered spines in the pit. Slamchosis goes one step further than KRAANIUM have ever gone before; one step further beyond the boundaries of good taste, one step further on the Richter scale with their earthshaking heaviness.

A new lyric video for the ruthless album track,"Blob Of Inhuman Metamorphic Transfusion", is being unleashed today at Slam Worldwide, a fitting taster of the carnage that is to come.
Pick your target, kill or be killed, because on October 26th all hell will be unleashed ' the ultimate in crushing, pulverizing, slamming, brutal death metal is about to arrive.

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Kyle Scott

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