KORPIKLAANI : Resign To Nuclear Blast & Announce New Album

Finnish Folk-Metal-superstars KORPIKLAANI are pleased to announce that they have inked a new deal with […]
January 30, 2015

Finnish Folk-Metal-superstars KORPIKLAANI are pleased to announce that they have inked a new deal with Nuclear Blast for the release of their upcoming new album entitled "Noita", which is set for a release in May 2015.
"Noita", has been recorded at Petrax Studio with Aksu Hanttu handling production, recording and mixing again. It will also be the first album to feature new accordion player Sami Perttula, who has been playing a very active role in the folk arrangements along with Fiddler Tuomas Rounakari.

Commented bassplayer Jarkko Aaltonen:
""Noita" in the traditional Finnish meaning is different than what people associate it with nowadays. "Noita" is a person with wider knowledge and understanding of the nature and who also was believed to possess paranormal or unnatural abilities. These people were often also referred to as "Tietäjä", that exactly means someone with wider knowledge and understanding of pretty much everything. Native American medicine man is pretty much the same thing or actually all the different types of Shamans of the primitive peoples are the same thing. "Noita" is someone that you turn to when you need help of some kind. Finnish "Noita" had the ability to heal, just like their North American counterparts. They were very respected members of the society. Only later Christianity changed the word to mean something negative since those people were considered rivals by the church. Even in Finland this turned into a Witchhunt (=noitavaino) every now and then. Anyway, most people using Google Translate or similar will find the word "Witch" and will probably get a bit wrong idea of the meaning, since most will probably connect it with the black sabbaths, devil marks and such, when a way more correct translation would probably be medicine man or Shaman."

"Notia" will also be the first KORPIKLAANI-album featuring new accordionist Sami Pertulla, he comments: "Previously the KORPIKLAANI albums were played with a piano-accordion and now I play with atraditional button-accordion which was more widely used in Finland anyways. In the arrangements you can hear more tonal harmonies and folky accompaniments combined to the power-chords than before. It actually boosts up the uplifting feel of our music."

Violinist Toumas Rounakari also comments:
"This album has more violin solos than ever before. Violin is more in the role of a lead-guitar nowjust as Jonne had originally intended it to be."

And vocalist Jonne Järvelä concludes:
"We have finally managed to create the balance between folk and metal in the way I've always dreamt it to be. Thanks to Sami's arrangements and Tuomas's crazy shredding of the violin."

In March, KORPIKLAANI will be headlining the Paganfest Extended Shows and will additionally play a run of European festival later this year.

Don't miss the chance to see KORPIKLAANI live at the following dates: 

20.03. DE Leipzig - Hellraiser
21.03. D Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
22.03. NL Tilburg - 013
27.03. D München - Backstage
28.03. AT Wien - Arena
29.03. D Berlin - Postbahnhof
03.04. RU St. Petersburg - Zal Ozhidaniya
04.04. RU Moscow - Volta
24.04. D Dettelbach - Franconia Festival
19.06. FIN Nummijärvi - Nummirock Festival
20.06. BE Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting
15.07. HU Pécs - Rockmaraton Festival
16.07. D Balingen - Bang Your Head Festival
09.08. UK Derbyshire - Bloodstock Festival
28.08. D Crispendorf - Wolfszeit Festival
01.-3.10. NOR Trondheim - Trondheim Metalfest

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