KINGS NEVER DIE: Signed with Metalville Records. New album "All The Rats" will be released on May 26th

Hailing from New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania, North Eastern U.S.A. KINGS NEVER DIE walk […]
March 2, 2023

Hailing from New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania, North Eastern U.S.A. KINGS NEVER DIE walk the line between positive, uplifting messages and dead serious subject matter. A musical and lyrical mix of Hardcore, Punk, Metal with chat or sing along vocals. In the band's words, "We love making music together and this is what gets spit out". Comprised of members, Dylan Gadino (vocals) Dan Nastasi (guitar/add vocals) Danny Schuler (drums) Larry Nieroda (guitar) & Evan Ivkovich (bass).

Some may recognize Dan Nastasi from his past work as original "Dog Eat Dog" (ABK era) and before that "Mucky Pup". Danny Schuler obviously as drummer in "Biohazard" and Evan "ONE" Ivkovich and bass player in "Wisdom in Chains". Although fans of those bands are sure to not be disappointed, KINGS NEVER DIE want to completely stand on their own regardless of their resume of bands. Nastasi add's, "This is all about what we are doing now, although we love and respect the people and bands we have played with, past and present, people should only judge Kings Never Die on this new album and The Now. Of course, we hope people who enjoy what we've done individually in the past dig it, but make no mistakes, there are no shortcuts or riding on past successes. We have cultivated this band from the ground up, we're putting the work and love what we are doing and what we created here."

The new album contains 10 nonstop tracks. A mix of memorable hardcore/punk riffs and you have a sure to be classic album "All The Rats".


Stay True
Stand For It All
This One's For You
Were We Friends At All?
Make Them Anymore
All The Rats
Never In My Eyes
We Need The Truth
The Juice
Side By Side

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