KING DUDE: Unveils Music To Make War To With Sobering Essay on Love and War

With six albums tackling heartbreak, bodily harm, skirmishes with the law, and sex behind him, […]
August 22, 2018

With six albums tackling heartbreak, bodily harm, skirmishes with the law, and sex behind him, Luciferian folkster TJ Cowgill is ready to tussle with yet another one of mankind's frailties: Our propensity for war. Cowgill's seventh album under the KING DUDE moniker, Music To Make War To, weaves yarns of turmoil that befall battlefields, families, and hearts. Listen to the album in full and read Cowgill's essay on the album's inspirations via Talkhouse today.

No one and nothing is safe from the combat that Cowgill waxes philosophical on throughout Music To Make War To. Cowgill wrote the following statement regarding the album's inspiration:

"War comes from within and without. War can be between two different families as well as within the very same family, those who are not only bonded by blood but also by surname, by legacy. War can happen between people whom love one another but are conflicted by their desire to destroy one another. Love doesn't always die when war is born. In manyways the act of war creates the opportunity for great acts of courage, moments of compassion, times of reason, thoughts of regret and a deeper understanding of love."

Cowgill began churning out devilish neo-folk as KING DUDE in 2010, a batch of marrow-deep acoustic tracks entitled My Beloved Ghost. The KING DUDE universe-and sound-has continued to broaden in the years since, dabbling in S&M glamorama with 2016's Sex, boot stomping '80s sheen in 2014's Fear, and heartrending ballads with Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light (2015). Music To Make War To finds King Dude in the midst of a battle both within and beyond himself, dragging us deeper into his barbarous universe.

Music To Make War To will be released to the world on August 24 via Ván Records. Preorders are available here:

Catch King Dude on tour throughout Europe in the months to come.

Music To Make War To - Track Listing
1. Time To Go To War
2. Velvet Rope
3. Good & Bad (feat. Josephine Olivia)
4. I Don't Write Love Songs Anymore
5. Dead Before the Chorus
6. Twin Brother of Jesus
7. In The Garden
8. The Castle
9. Let It Burn
10. God Like Me

King Dude, Tour Dates: (With Kælan Mikla)
September 20th, Berlin, DE
September 21st, Leipzig, DE @
September 22nd, Poznan, PO
September 23rd, Krakow, PO
September 24th, Budapest, HU
September 25th, Vienna, AT
September 26th, Munich, DE
September 27th, Martigny, FR
September 28th, Langres, FR
September 29th, Nantes, FR
September 30th, Paris, FR
October 1st, London, UK
October 2nd, Sint Niklass, BE
October 3rd, The Hague, NL
October 4th, Den Bosch, NL
October 5th, Oberhausen, DE
October 6th, Wurzburg, DE

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