KILL FRENZY: Announce Debut Album.

Hailing from Cape Town, South-Africa, Kill Frenzy is a new project consisting of members from […]
June 8, 2018

Hailing from Cape Town, South-Africa, Kill Frenzy is a new project consisting of members from the Grunge-Metal band Red Tape Rebellion and Hardcore band De d End. The Idea for Kill Frenzy started as a brain child of Ded End Drummer (Jeandre Beneke) and Red Tape Rebellion Vocalist and Bass player (Carl Retief). They got talking about starting a new project that would be heavier then all that came before. After some months of discussion and the departure Ded End Vocalist, who left the band for personal reasons, the wheels were set in motion and Kill Frenzy was born.

The band started in the November of last year when Vocalist (Carl Retief) joined with Guitarist (Guthrie Garnham), Bass player(Clint Hattingh), and (Jeandre Beneke). They hit the ground running and started writing their intense and heavy songs, coupled with controversial and relevant subject matter.

By March of 2018 they where ready to take the show on the road and have been playing frequent gigs since, growing their Mosh hungry fan-bass. The band will also be hosting metal bands Remuda from Botswana, and Norbormide from Mozambique on their Cape-Town Tour.

Commenting on the new Album Kill Frenzy says- "We are fun loving guys with a passion for heavy music and each one of us brings his own vibe and influence to the band. We want to show people a good time at our gigs and give them a show to remember, at the same time we hope that the lyrics might broaden their minds and get them to talk about stuff they might not feel comfortable with."

Upcoming Gig Dates:

22/06/2018 : Norbormide & Remuda Cape Town Tour at Mercury
23/06/2018: 'Sound Sodomy' at Aandklas
24/06/2018: Sunday Free show and chill at Kill City Blues
28/07/2018: M4A WinterFest'18

Kill Frenzy
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