KICKSTARTER RITUAL: Sign with Atomic Stuff Promotion.

Kickstarter Ritual has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion for the promotion of their […]
April 29, 2018

Kickstarter Ritual has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion for the promotion of their debut album "Ready To Take A Ride". Kickstarter Ritual is a stoner-influenced rock'n'roll band. The power trio led by a drummer/singer has a unique style: a balanced rough mix of blues, leather, stoner rock, long hair, punk and heavy metal played at high speed. Recorded back in May 2017 and released in digital format at the end of October of the same year, the album was neither promoted nor distributed in physical format until April 2018.

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"Too Old" video:

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Upcoming gigs:

May 12 ' Rivergaro (PC, Italy ) @ Glory Ride

May 25 ' Tavernago (PC, Italy) @ Rock'n'Roll Summer Camp

In 2013 former Houston! drummer Fortu decided to put together a project that could combine his love for rock and roll and the catchiness of fast, sharp rhythms. That's how Kickstarter Ritual were born. SInce from the beginning, they were looking for a full time singer, however, while practicing, they realised they did not need one, as drummer Fortu was already doing a pretty damn good job behind the mic: with the passing of time, the choice of having a vocalist/drummer became Kickstarter Ritual's trademark. The power trio developed biting sounds, halfway between punk, rock and heavy metal. Lyrics are based on ancient curses or late drunkenness, jumping on your bike and riding away. A year later, Black Mama EP was released: four aggressive tracks, recorded live at high volume. The record was quite popular and the band managed to get an handful of gigs without quitting the songwriting process. Sounds became more refined and complex, so the trio opted for the release of a catchy single for Christmas 2015: "Cooperate". This song is a steady, sharp, galloping tune with a singalong chorus: still one of the main tracks at their live shows. The sound spectrum went wider with blues and garage influences from the Stones and The Hellacopters. In 2016, Juliusz, founder member of the glam rock band Hollywood Pornostar, became the new bass player: he brought more contaminations in the sound of the band, and the together they begun to write new music. Kickstarter Ritual started recording their first LP, "Ready to Take a Ride", in May 2017: the band did not lose its raw approach and sound and they managed to create an album that, in its eleven tracks, travels through several styles and genres. It breaks categorizations and it shows a powerful straight forward rock and roll, chromed with catchy pop sounding melodies. After a three weeks European tour, Gaby, cofounder of Houston! with Fortu, joined the band. Juliusz switched to guitar, with Gaby taking on the bass' duties. The brand new power-trio is technically more skilled, sharper and tighter, and the growing fan base is vibrating and energetic. Kickstarter Ritual's future is bright: Fortu, Juliusz and Gaby are willing to do anything to smash it and bring their music to as many people as possible.

Atomic Stuff Promotion
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