KEVIN MARTIN: Launches New Label; Signs "Whom It May."

With over 25 years experience in the marketing, advertising and sales industries, successful West Coast […]
May 22, 2018

With over 25 years experience in the marketing, advertising and sales industries, successful West Coast Entrepreneur Markus Muller-Stach has announced his latest venture ' G4L Records, a new record label that is "fan and artist centric and breaks down the walls of the traditional label model".

Enlisting the help of multi-platinum selling Candlebox Frontman Kevin Martin, who will serve as Head of A&R for G4L, Muller-Stach's objective is to sign emerging bands that "have a unique sound and presence and transcend the norm of today's musical landscape".

"G4L and its founder Markus are going to change the face of artist development as we've all grown to know it", said Martin. "G4L is about the music NOT G4L and that's what's it's all about. I'm happy to be on board with Markus, his team and his vision!"

"As an artist and someone who truly appreciates music, I started G4L Records out of love and opportunity", said Muller-Stach. "I've brought Kevin on board to help me find and develop our artists. In Kevin I have someone that's topped the charts, has a huge industry IQ, tours successfully annually, and has a great pulse on the market".

A mainstay in the Hollywood scene, Muller-Stach has made a name for himself among veteran artists and emerging musicians by supporting "Ultimate Jam Nights" at the Whisky A Go Go and "The Sunset Jams" at the Viper Room as a forum to scout and identify new talent.

"There's a tremendous resurgence of rock "n roll on the Sunset Strip and the credit goes in large part to Quiet Riot's Chuck Wright, who started the jam night a couple years ago. They create a platform for artists to fine tune their chops, showcase their skills, get gigs, and network. It's truly a great thing going on and I'm out there as much as I can!"

The first band that will be signed to G4L is progressive hard rock/metal trio To Whom It May (TWIM). Based out of Galveston, TX, TWIM is known for their hard-rocking and complex, groove-infested sound that has garnered spins from Sirius XM's Octane. The band also recently finished a tour with Nothing More and has put the finishing touches on their forthcoming EP The Great Filter with LA Producer Dean DiChoso, which is slated for a mid-summer release.

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