KEN MODE: To appear on AXS TV's ''Inside MMA''

Canadian post-hardcore outfit KEN mode are featured on "A look at music in MMA" (Mixed […]
October 18, 2015

Canadian post-hardcore outfit KEN mode are featured on "A look at music in MMA" (Mixed Martial Arts) on AXS TV's "Inside MMA" with host Bas Rutten at the link below.

The clip comes with an exclusive interview with vocalist and guitarist Jesse Matthewson, who recounts KEN mode's relationship with punk rock, touring, competitive martial arts training, and how these elements are interwoven in his personal life.

Regarding his appearance, Matthewson comments: "It was supremely cool to get to talk about martial arts and music in one of the most respected shows in the mixed martial arts world. I am still kind of tripped out by Bas Rutten complimenting my technique. Martial arts are a lifesaver, and totally changed me - and this is coming from someone who had never fought anyone in his life before and has been a total non-athlete."

"Inside MMA" is hosted by Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten, who are joined by this sport's top fighters and news makers to discuss and analyse the latest in Mixed Martial Arts. The cable television network AXS TV is dedicated to providing music programming and festivals, comedy performances, current events as well as mixed martial arts promotions across North America and Europe.
KEN mode video still MMA
The "Inside MMA" segment follows the recent premiere of KEN MODE's new music video for "These Tight Jeans" which featured Jesse Matthewson engaging in full-contact Muay Thai combat. The Jim Agapito produced video is streaming at Noisey and its subsection Fightland:

The video features KEN mode front man Jesse Matthewson engaging in real Muay Thai combat, shot at the Canadian Fighting Center. Winnipeg's most popular Martial Arts Training gym, specializes in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts under the supervision of the world renowned kickboxer Giuseppe DeNatale. Guest contributions on this clip come from vocalist Jill Clapham and kick-boxer Jon Henderson.

Regarding the video, Jesse Matthewson commented:

"With our "These Tight Jeans" clip we got to pay tribute to our, and director Jim Agapito's, love for martial arts and see me get my ass kicked for real in a video. Shot live in my home gym, the Canadian Fighting Center, in Winnipeg, it drives home the positive sentiments of martial arts training as a perfect combination with the sentiments of the lyrics, discipline, training, and action as a natural anti-depressant."
KEN mode video still
KEN mode recently embarked on a headlining North American tour. The "Huge Success" tour, sponsored by PopMatters, New Noise Magazine, and Exclaim!

The tour sees KEN mode joined by CONDUCT, FUCK THE FACTS, CHILD BITE, LIFE IN A VACUUM, WE ARE HEX, and LO PAN regionally. The tour will also feature the comedy ramblings of Garrett Jamieson.
KEN mode US admat 2015
KEN mode are touring in support of their new album 'Success'. The album is available across multiple CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist shop. 'Success' is streaming here. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.
KEN mode Success album cover

1. Blessed
2. These Tight Jeans
3. The Owl
4. I Just Liked Fire
5. Management Control
6. A Passive Disaster
7. Failing At Fun Since 1981
8. A Catalog Of Small Disappointments
9. Dead Actors

KEN mode picture
Success is a strange concept. In its rawest, most pure form this entirely relative subject was chosen by KEN mode to approach their new album, which aptly received the title 'Success'. Both sonically and lyrically the US power trio has shifted from the classic spitting of metallic hardcore tinged vitriol to a rawer indie aesthetic.

With 'Success' KEN mode pay tribute to where the brothers at the helm have come from by saluting both their Canadian Prairie roots and harking back to a time when they first started to care about making music. This was an era when the burgeoning grunge and Touch & Go/Dischord scenes of the late 80's and early 90s, with bands like NIRVANA, BIG BLACK, COP SHOOT COP, THE COWS, CIRCUS LUPUS, and DRIVE LIKE JEHU were warping teenage minds. Lyrically, the band's fascination with comedy spirals around classical western concepts of "success" - from employment, sex, marriage, religion, socioeconomic standing, and the perceptions people have of how they, and those around them, fit into the world.

Armed with this mantra, KEN mode enlisted the services of legendary engineer Steve Albini (NIRVANA, THE PIXIES, THE JESUS LIZARD) to capture the material in a fully analog session, bringing to fruition the most raw and direct effort they have ever put forth.

Jesse Matthewson: vocals, guitar
Shane Matthewson: drums
Skot Hamilton: bass, vocals

Style: Independent Noise Rock




Available formats
Digipak CD
Vinyl Gatefold LP in various colours

Season of Mist
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