KARRAS: Grind out deal with M- Theory

M-Theory Audio is pleased to announce that extreme power trio, KARRAS, has signed to the […]
May 26, 2023

M-Theory Audio is pleased to announce that extreme power trio, KARRAS, has signed to the label for their next full-length studio effort. The Paris, France-based group formed in 2017 to combine old-school death metal and grindcore influences with their own spin. To introduce the band, we ask you spare only 13 seconds and check out the band's brand new single and video, "Demons Got Rhythm," now on YouTube.

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"We are proud to announce we've signed with North America's M-Theory Audio label," comments bassist/vocalist Diego Janson. "Besides a solid and prime worldwide distribution, M-theory Audio has a very artist-friendly approach that we were absolutely looking for. Owner Marco Barbieri has loads of experience in the metal community and we are very proud to work with him and his team!"

"KARRAS came to my attention simply from an email submission. Something just struck me upon listening to the group's latest material that convinced me to give it repeated spins," explains label founder Marco Barbieri. "You'll come to hear with further audio samples that the band's oftentimes harsh attacks are also insanely infectious."

"Demons Got Rhythm" while a short blast only shows one facet of the group's talents so don't think you know the whole story simply from this kick to the face. The song comes from the group's sophomore album, 'We Poison Their Young,' to be released this fall so watch for more news and preorders.

Named as an ode to the life and death of Father Damian Karras from the cult horror film, The Exorcist, the trio are as equally compelling, sinister and evolving as the popular movie. Delivering a mix of punk-crust, grindcore and early '90s raw death metal KARRAS made quite an impression on the European scene with 2020's debut, 'None More Heretic' (Verycords). That and the forthcoming are intense displays of the band's effort to resurrect his legacy and to give Father Karras a second chance but moreso to deliver a deafening way of reasoning.

More information on KARRAS and the upcoming album release will be revealed in the weeks to come at www.facebook.com/karrasband and by M-Theory Audio.

Karras is:
Diego Janson - vocals & bass
Yann Heurtaux - guitars
Etienne Sarthou- drums


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