Kari Rueslåtten: Celebrating 20 Years In Music & On Tour

Kari Rueslåtten is celebrating 20 years in music in 2014! She sums up her solo […]
November 4, 2014

Kari Rueslåtten is celebrating 20 years in music in 2014! She sums up her solo carrier so far by releasing a Collection of songs from all her solo albums, including her 2014 version of The 3[sup]rd[/sup] and the Mortal's "Why so lonely" featuring Nightwish's Tuomas Holopainen on piano and keys. The Collection also includes two live songs from her Time to Tell tour.


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20 Years In Music
Kari Rueslåtten began her musical career as one of the founder members of the progressive doom metal band The 3rd and the Mortal. In 1994 she released two CD's with them, Sorrow and Tears laid in Earth. The band was a source of inspiration for many other bands worldwide, among them Nightwish and The Gathering. After leaving The 3[sup]rd[/sup] and the Mortal in 1995 she has released five solo-albums; Spindelsinn (1997), Mesmerized (1998), Pilot (2001), Other people's stories (2004) and Time to Tell (2014). Kari Rueslåtten was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy awards for her first solo-album, Spindelsinn, in 1997.

-"I find it hard to believe that it has actually been 20 years since I first released music, but since it is, it is the right time to look back and sum up my musical career so far", Kari says. –"My five solo albums have all their special meaning to me and I have chosen two songs from each album for the Collection. We also did live recordings of the concerts on the Time to tell tour so there will be two live songs on the Collection as well", she continues.

Time to tell – comeback album and new listeners
With her album Time to Tell (2014) Kari Rueslåtten returned to the music scene after an eight year long break. -"The respons from people after my comeback has been overwhelming! I truly am happy and grateful for this warm welcome of my new music", Kari says. Time to Tell has reached out to many new listeners, and as the cover version of the old The 3[sup]rd[/sup] and the Mortal song Why so Lonely on Time to Tell was a tribute to old fans, this Collection is a tribute to all her new fans wanting to get to know Kari Rueslåtten´s back catalogue better.

Kari's extraordinary voice
Kari's natural talent combined with classical training and roots in the Norwegian folk music tradition has resulted in a voice that is difficult to describe. Her music has been compared with artists like Tori Amos and Kate Bush, maybe not necessarily because the music sounds very similar, but because these are artists who sing with their own distinct voices. Just like Kari Rueslåtten – through 20 years.

ON TOUR with THE SIRENS in concert 2014
feat. Anneke van Giersbergen & Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull & Kari Rueslåtten

06.12.2014 CH Pratteln, Z7
Tickets: https://tinyurl.com/pml63zb

17.12.2014 NL Zoetermeer, Boerderij
Tickets: https://tinyurl.com/pa88rjh

18.12.2014 DE Jena, F-Haus
Tickets: https://tinyurl.com/q9jbvzw

19.12.2014 DE Nagold, Alte Seminarturnhalle
Tickets: https://tinyurl.com/me4dakv

20.12.2014 FR Paris, Divan Du Monde

More dates to be announced soon!
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