KALEVALA HMS: Press Release

alevala Hms, italian folk hard rock band are proud to announce the new year's box […]
January 31, 2014

alevala Hms, italian folk hard rock band are proud to announce the new year's box release "TUONI, BALENI, FULMINI". Ten years of intense live shows and studio sessions summed in a box in wich we can find an audio Cd, with re-recorded songs from the old albums, four covers and guest stars, and a DVD one, a live documentary with shows extracts taken by the Brintaal Celtic Folk festival. The product will be distributed by SELF Distribuzioni, for any update please click "Like" at the page below or at the band page!



After 10 years of non- stop activity here's the sum of these 4000 days on the road: TUONI, BALENI, FULMINI.

The members of the band from Parma, Italy, who formed in 1997, crossed the entire Italian peninsula and Europe (Scotland and England), to perform with their outstanding scenic and powerful alternative folk hard rock show: from Turin to Venice, from deep South Italy to english and scottish venues.

Here's the fourth release, a box in wich there are two disks, a studio live session with guests such as Lorenzo "Lore Marchesi from the famous folk metal band Folkstone and the italian soul singer Ross Volta, and a DVD documentary with performances taken from Brintaal Celtic Folk festival and interviews with the band members.

Songs are almost entirely taken by the previous albums, MUSICANTI DI BREMA (2010) and THERE AND BACK AGAIN (2012), with four brand new covers ; Master Blaster, by Stevie "Wonderful" Wonder, Supernaut from Black Sabbath Four,the irish drinkin' song Whiskey on a Sunday (by Dubliners) and a traditional italian chanting, Il Galeone.

The product is an authentic jewel, with graphics made as usual by Alessandro "ACHAB" Bianchi (the seventh Kalevala) and it will be distributed by the best music and digital shops at the end of March.

It also will be available at the band concerts.

Release party ; Saturday 8 March - Circolo Colony - Brescia, Italy.

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