KAERULEAN: Announce New EP "The Orwellian Dream."

Brisbane death metal monsters Kaerulean are set to unleash the next chapter in their story […]
July 1, 2018

Brisbane death metal monsters Kaerulean are set to unleash the next chapter in their story with their third record this August, their EP 'The Orwellian Dream', which will be released on Truth Inc Records.

"The Orwellian Dream is thematically inspired by 1984, Project MK Ultra, Brave New World and A Clockwork Orange. Exploring totalitarianism, surveillance, propaganda and governmental control and how these themes influence and interact with the modern world. The music mirrors the dark subject matter with other-worldly synths accompanying a death metal aesthetic. It is our most ambitious release to date." says bassist Travis Hagström.

The EP will be available for pre-order from July 16 via Truth Inc Records or the Kaerulean Bandcamp, but the band will also have some limited pre-order bundles to coincide with their upcoming gig with Archspire and Psycroptic.

The limited bundles will only be available via the band's Bandcamp or at their upcoming shows and will include a choice of the following:

Archspire/Psycroptic ticket + CD + Shirt
Archspire/Psycroptic ticket + CD
Archspire/Psycroptic ticket + Shirt,
CD + Shirt

You can catch Kaerulean at the following Brisbane dates:

Saturday, July 7 - The Jubilee, Dead of Winter
Friday, August 3 - The Woolly Mammoth w/ Rise of Avernus
Thursday, August 16 - Crowbar w/ Archspire, Psycroptic and Hadal Maw


Brisbane band Kaerulean create a modern death metal sound with prominent symphonic and electronic elements throughout.

The blend of epic instrumentation and a sci-fi aesthetic is layered on a solid foundation of brutal drumming, shredding guitars and blistering bass. They have a unique sound of metal that is all their own and stands apart from what the prolific Australian metal sound has on offer.

Kaerulean formed in December 2011 when guitarist Amber Rea from the Gold Coast and drummer Ben Davies from Brisbane got together to jam, alongside some members of Amber's previous band. A new band quickly took shape and over the next twelve months they established themselves while writing and recording material.

The band's debut was a self produced single on a Blunt Magazine compilation and, following some line-up changes, their first album Adrift was released in October 2015. It was well received among the local and interstate metal communities.

Kaerulean now turned their attention towards honing their live performance as well as expanding their sound as a band, especially with their new members ready to write and have input. With a solid line-up in place and a clear direction, Kaerulean set about writing and recording their second full length album Metempsychosis which was released in December 2016 to rave reviews.

Kaerulean has backed up these releases with some powerful live performances, alongside some of Australia's premier metal bands like Ne Obliviscaris, King Parrot, Psycroptic, Desecrator, Frankenbok, Rise of Avernus, Chronolyth and Truth Corroded as well playing festivals such as Blacken Open Air, Metal United Down Under, Shredfest and Ye Gods of Metal. They have also landed international supports, sharing the stage with Norwegian heavy metal icons Arcturus, Canadian fiends Archspire, the brutal Abaddon Incarnate from Ireland and USA's ultra-grim Blood Incantation.

Having just completed a UTSC 2018 Festival tour through Australia and New Zealand, Kaerulean are poised to release their new EP: The Orwellian Dream, which is due out August 2018 through Truth Inc Records in Australia.

Kaerulean are a band on the rise. Get on board or get out of their way.


Truth Inc. Records
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