J. D. OVERDRIVE: New album out now in Europe, new video on YouTube

"The Kindest Of Deaths", the brand new studio album by a southern metal band J. […]
April 14, 2015

"The Kindest Of Deaths", the brand new studio album by a southern metal band J. D. Overdrive, has been released today in Europe (in North America on May, 5th via MVD). A video to the track "The Fury In Me" can be seen in THIS location. The video was recorded in Katofonia, Katowice (Poland) by Robert Zembrzycki from Bandphoto.pl.

The album "The Kindest Of Deaths" was recorded, mixed and mastered in Satanic Audio Studio with Haldor Grunberg as a producer.


1. Wreckage, Part I
2. Crippled King
3. The Lesser Evil
4. The Fury In Me
5. Dull Knives and Dead Friends
6. Seeds and Stones
7. The Greater Good
8. Demon Days
9. Wreckage, Part II
10. A Painful Reminder
11. The Kindest of Deaths

The band was formed in 2007 when guitarist Michal "Stempel" Stemplowski (along with drummer Luksus and bassist Kuba) recruited vocalist Wojciech "Susel" Kaluza for his new rock project dubbed Jack Daniels Overdrive. They self-released their debut EP called "Pure Concentrated Evil", which received a bunch of great reviews in various webzines and magazines. They played their very first show supporting Jesus Chrysler Suicide (a legendary Polish act) and the following two opening for Beatallica. In the meantime the band experienced two line-up changes, welcoming in their ranks drummer Lukasz "Jooras" Jurewicz and bassist Lukasz "Peo" Pomietło. In March 2009 they were given the honor of performing in Krakow with the living legend of stoner metal ' Phil Anselmo's Down. In the following months came the inevitable ' they changed their name to J. D. Overdrive to avoid legal problems with the Tennessee tycoon. And just when they thought that nothing can surprise them ' on March 9th, 2011 they opened for Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society in Warsaw. After over three years of gathering experience at numerous live shows and sharpening their material, J.D. Overdrive were proud to release their debut album. The album entitled "Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood" was released by Metal Mind Productions in June 2011. This year and the following brought more live performances and the band supported such acts as Blood Ceremony, Whitesnake and Soulfly. In May 2013 they released their sophomore album entitled "Fortune Favors The Brave"! The mixing and mastering duties for the album was held by Piotr Gruenpeter who's best known for his work with the post-black phenomenon THAW, as well as from bands Searching For Calm and Sun For Miles. "The Kindest Of Deaths", the band's third studio effort, is scheduled for release on April, 13th in Europe and May, 5th in North America (via MVD).

Wojtek 'Suseł' Kałuża ' vocal
Michał 'Stempel' Stemplowski ' guitar
Łukasz 'Joorek' Jurewicz ' drums
Marcin 'Stasiu' Łyźniak ' bass

J. D. Overdrive on-line:

Metal Mind Productions
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