INQUISITION: Unveil new artwork and start pre-sale

INQUISITION have unveiled their new artwork for the reissue of their 2004 classic 'Magnificent Glorification […]
February 20, 2015

INQUISITION have unveiled their new artwork for the reissue of their 2004 classic 'Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer', which has been scheduled for release on the 23rd of March 2015.

All re-releases come with new artwork by the renowned artist Paolo Girardi, who already created the cover art for INQUISITION's latest album 'Obscure Verses For The Multiverse' (2013). The original artwork will be each time included as well. Girardi's covers are part of an overarching concept and should be seen in conjunction. More details about his mysterious work will be revealed with the final reissue.

'Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer' is available for pre-order at the Season of Mist shop in various formats including strictly limited leather sleeves. This reissue furthermore comes with two rare tracks as bonus: "Within The Red Hellfire We Burn" and "May The Rays Of A Fullmoon Shine Upon Us"!

INQUISITION are about to finish the Western European leg of their black headlining campaign through Europe. The American black metal duo are joined for their black celebration by Finland's ARCHGOAT, the Swedes ONDSKAPT and BLACKDEATH from Russia - except for the last four eastern dates.

For INQUISITION guest-list and interview requests, please contact Season of Mist.
05/02/2015 CH Zürich Alte Kaserne
06/02/2015 BE Huy Atelier Rock
07/02/2015 DE Weinheim Cafe Zentral
11/02/2015 LV Riga Nabaklab
12/02/2015 EE Tallinn Tapper
13/02/2015 RU Saint Petersburg Phoenix
14/02/2015 RU Moscow Seven

INQUISITION have already announced the reissue of their full album catalogue exclusively via Season of Mist and provided a provisional time-line.

Please note that only the releases via Season of Mist are official. Every other edition is nothing but a bootleg and theft against the artist. The only notable exception are the official US issues by American label Hells Headbangers Records. These will be replaced by Season of Mist editions at a later point in time.

A list of all INQUISITION re-issues by Season of Mist and their confirmed or tentative release dates can be found below:

INQUISITION's cult debut album 'Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult', which was originally released in 1998 has already been reissued on January 26th, 2015 and can be ordered from on the Season of Mist shop.

The release date for the reissue of INQUISITION's sophomore full-length 'Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan' has been scheduled to the 23rd of February 2015. Pre-orders have started on the Season of Mist shop.
The remaining two INQUISITION reissues have been tentatively set for release in the following months:

'Nefarious Dismal Orations' (2007) May 2015
'Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' (2011) June 2015

INQUISITION will be touring in support of their latest album 'Obscure Verses for the Multiverse', which is streaming in its entirety here and still available in various formats from the Season of Mist shop. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below:

1. Force of the Floating Tomb
2. Darkness Flows towards Unseen Horizons
3. Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
4. Spiritual Plasma Evocation
5. Master of the Cosmological Black Cauldron
6. Joined by Dark Matter Repelled by Dark Energy
7. Arrival of Eons After
8. Inversion of Ethereal White Stars
9. Infinite Interstellar Genocide
10. Where Darkness Is Lord and Death the Beginning

"Obscure Verses for the Multiverse" is a revelation. This album will mark a turning point in the steady rise of INQUISITION from the murky underground to a major act of the Black Metal scene. There is no denying that IMMORTAL provides the stylistic matrix on which the Americans develop their own sound. Harsh but melodic and catchy riffing combines perfectly with blasting outbursts and dark, moody passages that are strengthened by rasping vocals with a sinister raven-like quality. INQUISITION provide credibility, musical quality and a huge following, which they acquired through years of powerful live performances as well as unleashing strong releases, while clawing their way from the bottom with relentless energy and faith in their craft. This critical mass of die-hard fans became visible when the band played at this year's edition of Hellfest in front of more than 10.000 raving spectators. INQUISITION are from the US city of Seattle, Washington although originally formed by frontman Dagon in the South American state of Colombia in 1989. At first the band followed the path of Thrash Metal in what Dagon calls "chapter one". Three demos were released during this period, before the musician moved back to the United States in 1996. There Dagon met drummer Incubus, who joined in 1997. Together the duo created their debut full-length "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult" (1998), which immediately created a buzz in the netherworld of the Black Metal genre. Each of the following four albums deepened their impact within the scene, but due to unknowingly signing to a controversial label being barred from mainstream recognition in parts of Europe. This will change now. INQUISITION are ready to set the record straight and openly meet any given question. "Obscure Verses for the Multiverse" is destined for dark glory. Witness this black beast rising!

Dagon: guitars, vocals
Incubus: drums

Season of Mist
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