IN THOUSAND LAKES: Album Cover Art & Official Video For "The Memories That Burn" Revealed

In Thousand Lakes presents the album "The Memories That Burn". The album contains the first […]
March 10, 2016

In Thousand Lakes presents the album "The Memories That Burn".

The album contains the first cd of the band "Lifeless Waters and Forgotten Land" released in 1998, the demo "Emotions" released in 1996,both remastered, and the new track "The Scaffold".

"The Memories That Burn" is released thru the record label Pathologically Explicit Recordings
In October 2014 the 4 track EP "Martyrs Of Evolution" is released and the band played 17 gigs.

"The Scaffold" video clip

Melodic Death Metal band formed in 1995 in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) the band released the demo "Emotions" in 1996 and the Cd "Lifeless Waters And Forgotten Land" in 1998. The band split in 1998.
Themost important shows of the band were at the Barbarian Rock festival held in Jerez (Spain) in 1998 with bands like Manowar or Napalm Death and an opening for Cradle Of Filth in Bergara (Spain) shortly after the release of the demo "Emotions".

In October 2013 the band was active again with the original members Jokin (guitar) and Javi (drums) completing the line-up with Jose (Vocals) and J (Bass).

The band recorded in September 2014 the EP entitled "Martyrs Of Evolution" with 4 new songs with producer Jagoba Ormaetxea and cover artwork by Satanik Design.

"Martyrs Of Evolution" is released thru Pathologically Explicit Recordings

In May 2015 J left the band and Pintxo is the new bass player of the band, during the summer of 2015 and after 17 shows of presentation of "Martyrs Of Evolution", the band enters the studio again for the recording of "The Scaffold" a sond about the witchcraft and records his first professional video.

"The Scaffold" shall be included in the album "The Memories That Burn" where you will find the remastered reissue of the first album the band released in 1998 "Lifeless Waters And Forgotten Land" and the demo "Emotions" released in 1996.
In October 2015 Igor entered in the band as second guitarist.

The Memories That Burn" was released in album January 2016 with Pathologically Explicit Recordings

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