IN FLAMES: Gear Setup Revealed; Video Streaming

Guitar World has uploaded a video with drummer Björn Gelotte and guitarist Niclas Engelin from […]
August 14, 2014

Guitar World has uploaded a video with drummer Björn Gelotte and guitarist Niclas Engelin from In Flames as they discuss some of their gear secrets.

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In Flames' new video for "Rusted Nail" can be seen below. The track will be featured on the band's eleventh album, Siren Charms, to be released via Sony/RED in North America on September 9th.

"We are more than satisfied with "Rusted Nail", says the band. "Patric Ullaeus who directed the video is someone we have worked with for several years, and we always get the best results from him. This video is a classic performance video that really sets the tone for In Flames 2014, its raw, it's genuine, it's In Flames."

In Flames have built their reputation as one of the most respected and beloved modern metal bands over the course of 10 records, selling three million albums and packing venues all over the world in the process. The band will return this September Siren Charms. Formed in 1990, In Flames, who redefined the melodic metal genre and continue to create music that defies simple categorization, have been blazing a metal trail for nearly 25 years, having toured with everyone from Metallica to Slipknot to Killswitch Engage to Slayer. Many of their albums, namely 1996's The Jester Race, 1999's Colony and 2000's Clayman, are considered modern metal classics and "essential listening" by both fans and critics. Yet, two decades deep, the band remains vital and continues to up the ante. In Flames have delivered what will be considered one of the best albums of their already impressive catalog with Siren Charms, taking a huge step forward all the while remaining true to the sound that earned them their status as a hard rock band to watch, within the scene and beyond.

In Flames Siren Charms tracklisting:

"In Plain View"
"Everything's Gone"
"Through Oblivion"
"With Eyes Wide Open"
"Siren Charms"
"When the World Explodes"
"Rusted Nail"
"Dead Eyes"
"Monsters in the Ballroom"
"Filtered Truth"

About the album, the band said, "We recorded in the legendary Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin over the course of six intense weeks. This is In Flames 2014, all for the fans to use and abuse."

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