IMPERIAL AGE: Signs Business Deal With Adrulruna Records | Touring Europe With THERION In 2016

Imperial Age from Russia join forces to release their new album with Adulruna Records that […]
December 13, 2015

Imperial Age from Russia join forces to release their new album with Adulruna Records that is owned by the Swedish legend Christofer Johnsson from Therion.

Imperial Age is a Russian Symphonic Metal band from Moscow founded in 2012 byAlexander "Aor" Osipov. The band received positive acclaim worldwide without any label support and has already toured with bands like Therion, Tarja, Epica, Paradise Lost, Oomph!, The 69 Eyes, Tristania,Arkonaor Finntroll. Imperial Age performed multiple headliner shows, also with a chamber orchestra and choir.

Christofer Johnssonsays about the new signing:"I'm proud to welcome Imperial Age as the very first band to join in with my new business model which will be publically announced upon the release of this album next year."

"To me, this is a watermark event. This is something I've been going to for the past 10 years of my music career, this is a dream come true, and I am sure that this is the long-awaited beginning of a wonderful journey that all of us will be witnessing in the years to come. It is very hard to express in words my deepest gratitude to Chris and to all the others who have been supporting Imperial Age against all odds over the past 3 years. Thank you so much, and may the blessings of all the supreme forces guiding us all be with you!"adds the mastermind of the band, Alexander "Aor" Osipov.

The Imperial Age album "Warrior Race" (Digipak) features 9 songs including a cover of the famed Therion title"To Mega Therion"on the upcoming "Warrior Race" album, where Christofer Johnsson from Therion said that it is"the best Therion cover I have heard so far".

First Feedback From The Media About The Band:

"Aor has proven to be one of the most creative composers of XXI century Russia" (, Spain)
"The appearance of Imperial Age on the Russian metal scene can be compared with the birth of a new star on the horizon - so unexpectedly and brightly has this project started to shine amongst all the local bands" (DarkCity, Russia)
"It even beats Nightwish and Avantasia in terms of epicness" (Fireworks, UK)

Imperial Age just released a brand new official live video "Warrior Race" on YouTube, check out the clip here: stay tuned for updates

First Confirmed Tour Dates In 2016:

Imperial Age live@ The Therion Europe Tour 2016
w/ Luciferian Light Orchestra, Imperial Age & Ego Fall:

08.01.2016NL ' Maassilo, Rotterdam
09.01.2016NL ' Atak, Enschede
10.01.2016BELGIUM ' Muziekodrome, Hasselt
12.01.2016FRANCE ' BAM, Metz
13.01.2016UK - O2 Academy, London
14.01.2016SCOTLAND - Classic Grand Oran Mor, Glasgow
15.01.2016IRELAND ' Academy, Dublin
16.01.2016UK ' Academy, Manchester
18.01.2016FRANCE ' Trabendo, Paris
19.01.2016ITALY - Circulo Circus, Brescia
20.01.2016CH - Z7, Pratteln
21.01.2016AUSTRIA - Weekender Club, Innsbruck
22.01.2016HUNGARY - Barba Negra Club, Budapest
23.01.2016AUSTRIA ' Szene, Vienna
24.01.2016CZ - Klub Alpha, Ostrava
26.01.2016DE ' Backstage, Munchen
27.01.2016CZ ' Futurum, Praha
28.01.2016PL ' Progresja, Warsaw
29.01.2016PL ' Fabryka, Krakow
30.01.2016PL - B90, Gdansk


Alexandra Sidorova - Lead Vocals
Alexander "Aor" Osipov - Vocals & Keyboards
Jane "Corn" Odintsova - Vocals & Keyboards
Alexander Strelnikov - Lead Guitars
Maxim Novikov - Rhythm Guitars

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