ILLDISPOSED: Danish death metal classic for the first time on vinyl

"1-800 vindication" from Denmark's biggest death metal band Illdisposed will be released on June 27th […]
June 27, 2014

"1-800 vindication" from Denmark's biggest death metal band Illdisposed will be released on June 27th for the first time on vinyl. The album from 2004 is still the best selling release from the band.

If there is one band who are always referred to, when the it comes to Danish death metal it is Illdisposed. The famous - and infamous ' band from Aarhus has been on an still ongoing journey with their unmistakable and uncompromising brutal and melodic death metal, which earned them a huge fan base in both Denmark and abroad, not least in Germany, where the band still draws full houses when playing live.

In 2004 the bands hard work at the rehearsal room, in the studio and on the road assured them such a large popularity that Roadrunner Records signed the Danes and later the same year released the successful album "1-800 vindication" on cd. The album, which features cover artwork by Lasse Hoile (Opeth, Porcupine Tree, etc. ), is produced by Ziggy and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Rob Halford, Sick of it All, The Haunted etc.) became the band's greatest success to date with almost 40.000 copies sold and secured a significant foot print on the world map for Danish metal. The last six albums entered the official Danish album charts at position 85, 58, 44, 32, 78 and 78 which made Illdisposed the first death metal band with such high chart entries. The video to "Still Sane" (directed by Lasse Hoile) was the most wanted metal video on VIVA Plus for two weeks and the track "Dark" was featured on the soundtrack to the horror blockbuster movie SAW. The soundtrack was sold in 500.000 copies. To the present day Illdisposed is still Denmark's largest death metal export and "1-800 vindication" is also one of the musical highlights of the band in their long and still active career.
"It is a matter of great satisfaction that "1-800 vindication" finally is released on vinyl. Ten years ago there was no big interest in vinyl, but it has fortunately changed. The album is great and stand as something special for us, because it was our first for Roadrunner and also the album which helped us reach even further out to new fans. It has obviously had a big impact on us, so it will be good to see and hear it in black vinyl for the first time," says guitarist Jakob Batten.

"1-800 vindication" is released for the first time ever on vinyl by the new Danish vinyl-label Heartburn Music on the same day, June 27th, where Illdisposed also release their 13th studio album "With The Lost Souls On Our Side" via Massacre Records.

In 2005 Rock Hard magazine entered the album as number 490 in their book charting the 500 best rock and metal albums ever released.

Download promo package and digital review copy here:

Watch the video for "Still Sane" here:

1. I Believe In Me
2. Dark
3. Now We're History
4. When You Scream
5. Jeff
6. In Search Of Souls
7. Still Sane
8. You Against The World
9. No More Time
10. The Final Step

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