HOPELEZZ: Announce New Album Details.

The German modern thrash metal outfit HOPELEZZ will release their new album "Stories Of A […]
June 22, 2018

The German modern thrash metal outfit HOPELEZZ will release their new album "Stories Of A War Long Forgotten" on August 24, 2018 via Massacre Records!

It's the first ever concept album of the band about a war being unleashed on earth to punish us for our sins. Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein, Kreator, Caliban) took care of the album's mix and mastering, Vagelis Petikas / Revolver Design created the stunning cover artwork.

Vocalist Adrian about the cover artwork:

"We've teamed up with Revolver Design from Greece to create this epic piece of work. Every line on this masterpiece represents a facet of music, every shade is like a foreshadowing of what to expect musically. It's - like in life - divided into the good and the bad. A host of angels on one side, that lets a peaceful white light shine on the other side, symbolizing hell, where death, misery and demons have gathered. The old man in the middle represents the incredible creativity with which the musicians write this sinister chapter of world's history."

On the album's 12 tracks, HOPELEZZ showcases itself on an impressive new level. They never sounded more mature, the choruses have never been catchier, and the guitars have never been more melodic than on "Stories Of A War Long Forgotten". The complete track list is available below.

HOPELEZZ - Stories Of A War Long Forgotten:

1. Ich Bin Krieg (Intro)
2. War Against War
3. The Beast
4. The Only Way
5. War Long Forgotten
6. Let Their Cities Burn
7. Through Hell
8. What You Deserve
9. A Prayer For Better Days
10. This Must Not Be The End
11. Holding Out For A Hero (Bonnie Tyler Cover)
12. Vom Letzten Tag


25.06.2018 DE Essen - Turock
14.07.2018 DE Manrode - Sportplatz Manrode (Fest-Evil Open Air)
18.07.2018 DE Oberhausen - Kulttempel
11.08.2018 DE Delligsen - Bornemannshausen Open Air
01.09.2018 DE Wuppertal - LCB
07.09.2018 DE Oberhausen - Helvete
08.09.2018 DE Neuss - HDJ


Massacre Records
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