HOAXBANE: To Release Debut Album In November 2015

Hoaxbane take a socially critical position, hostile towards all manipulative ideologies which seek to achieve […]
September 17, 2015

Hoaxbane take a socially critical position, hostile towards all manipulative ideologies which seek to achieve a superficial, conformist, consumer society.
As the name Hoaxbane suggests, their lyrics deal with the great lies of mankind's history. Today the conspiracy of the mass media is fast replacing the influence & functions of religion.

Their ideology rejects generally proclaimed values but promotes individual thought and encourages not following like lemmings but instead to question social norms and indeed much of mankind ́s past. Hoaxbane ́s expression is inevitably a roar of contempt.

Through intensive studio work the apocalyptic visions are hammered out until they represent the author ́s concept 100%. In doing so Hoaxbane value clear musical structures aswell as a powerful, transparent sound in which the vocals are the central element.

For both of these exceptional artists the music is their purpose and their passion. The philosophy that they express is carried into their everyday life.

Misanthrop (Vocals):

His heart lives and beats for the savage, raw and unbroken power of Black Metal which in it's time was created by the wild norwegian hordes. Since the start of this fascination Misanthrop has been almost solely responsible for the blackest parts of the genre and has enriched many bands through his versatile delivery. Because of irrevocable differences with established bands (Block Hoggins, Amok Vedar) he decided to activate his own projects (Douleur Atroce, Hassessenz). He also shared the stage with scene greats such as Belphegor, Eminenz, Endstille & Debauchery. His unrelenting dedication to the music reached new heights as his path crossed that of Tantrum Mezcalar.

Tantrum Mezcalar (Guitar/Bass/Programming):

Meaning: Fit of rage under the influence of mescalin.

In ancient cultures mescalin intoxication was used in order to achieve liberating & redeeming visions in which the warrior could learn his secret warrior name & the magical name of his guardian spirit. He grew up in the former walled city of Berlin and decided early on to go to the dark side of music. After the usual experiences wandering about the Berliner metal bands he went off to London. Through various connections to Motörhead's management Doug Smith, he had many opportunities to prove his musical abilities. Meanwhile he made a name for himself as a guitarist and producer. After returning to Berlin he worked on his own studio projects. In a typical WW II Berlin bunker in which many bands have practice rooms he met singer Misanthrop. After just one rehearsal together it was immediately clear that a new kind of pure energy had assaulted the two meter thick concrete walls.

Check Two Hoaxbane Videos Here:

ASYLUM OF FAITH: https://youtu.be/9wJTutfTsd8

BLOODSHED: https://youtu.be/A93teTaAAeo

"Messengers Of Change" Tracklist:

1. Messengers Of Change
2. Bloodshed
3. Diagnose: Wahnsinn
4. The Element Of Truth
5. Erotic Asphyxiation
6. Asylum Of Faith
7. Welcoming Pain
8. Secrets Of My Cravings
9. Versager Der Evolution

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