HIGHRIDER: New Album 'Roll For Initiative.'

Highrider will release their new album 'Roll For Initiative' the 15th of September on The […]
May 21, 2017

Highrider will release their new album 'Roll For Initiative' the 15th of September on The Sign Records. The new album can be described as the boiling point of scandinavian thrash, metal, 70's, doom, punk and hardcore. It's a metallic and raw debut from Gothenburgs Highrider filled with Scandinavian high energy heavy metal. The band have recorded their new album with Ulf Blomberg in HoboRec Studios. As a first sneek peak of the new album the band release a live session done in HoboRec Studios with the new song 'A Burial Scene'.

Watch 'A Burial Scene' live session at HoboRec Studio here:

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Highrider released their EP 'Armageddon Rock' on The Sign Records 2016. The EP gave a first glimpse on the organ driven US-influenced Heavy Metal that created a uniqe sound with their Swedish heritage.

Media Feedback from Armageddon Rock:

"If you like old style thrash ' this is for you. If you like some of the older sounding heavier bands circulating in the early part of the twenty first century ' this is for you. If you like it, fast, loud and riffy but still crisp sounding ' this is for you." - Real Gone

Artist: Highrider
Album: Roll For Initiative
Release date: 15th of September
Label: The Sign Records
Cat number: SQR012
Track list:

1 - Nihilist Lament
2 - A Burial Scene
3 - Batteries
4 - The Greater Monkey
5 - Vagina Al Dente
6 - Emotional Werewolf
7 - Roll Dee Twenty
8 - The Rope And The Blade


The Sign Records
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